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The Ergo Clear switch is a modified Cherry MX switch with a slider from a clear switch and a lighter spring. In the original recipe the spring is from a brown, red or blue switch but the denomination is also being used for switches with third party (Korean) springs.


The switches are usually made by enthusiasts by combining parts from other switches.

On request, Cherry has stated that they will actually produce Ergo Clears in a slider-colour of choice, with a minimum order of at least 750,000 switches. Keyboard enthusiasts have yet to agree if such switches should be called Beiges, Pinks or Violets.[Citation needed]

Key feel

MX Ergo Clears feel somewhat like the Brown switch, but with a bigger, longer tactile bump.

Some users have reported "sticking", where the slider fails to return past the tactile point. Sticking can be reduced with lubrication or by choosing a somewhat stronger spring.

Some users have also used custom Korean springs at 55–60 cN with Clear sliders to produce a switch between the Ergo Clear and Panda Clear in feel, and which avoids "stickiness".

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