Cherry MX Ergo Clear

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The Ergo Clear switch is a Cherry MX switch with a slider from a clear switch and a light-weight spring from a brown, red or blue switch.


The switches are usually made by enthusiasts by combining parts from other switches.

On request, Cherry has stated that they would actually produce Ergo Clears in a slider-colour of choice, provided that they get an order of at least 750,000 switches. Among keyboard enthusiasts there is a controversy, whether such switches should be called "beiges", "pinks" or "violets".

Key feel

Somewhat like the Brown switch, but with a bigger, longer tactile bump.

Some users have described that they experience "sticking", with the slider having difficulty to get back up again past the tactile point.

See also

  • The Cherry MX Panda Clear is a similar switch mod that uses the spring from a Cherry MX Black instead.
  • Some users have used custom Korean springs at 55–60 cN with Clear sliders to get a switch that is in-between the Ergo Clear and Panda Clear in feel and avoid "stickiness".