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  • andrewjoy (Thu, 14 May 2015 12:10:05 +0200) seebart wrote:Yes true Andrew, it's often the silver label 122 that can be either model F or M.Usually ( but not always) you can tell as the model M usually does not have the hat type (model F style) mods. But sometimes they do, thats for that IBM very helpfull. The ledges again can sometimes give it away.Best bet is to ask for a photo of the back of the keyboard , the model Ms have a plastic back ( dead giveaway)EDITit also does not help that the 122 silver label model M is known as a type F ( on the table at the back) even tho its a model m , so we its listed as a type F that does not mean is a model F ( buckling spring over PCB)
  • seebart (Thu, 14 May 2015 12:06:39 +0200) Yes true Andrew, it's often the silver label 122 that can be either model F or M.
  • andrewjoy (Thu, 14 May 2015 12:05:16 +0200) I agree with Ander, more information the the Model M 122 terminal and similar would be useful , they are often incorrectly listed as model F keyboard on eBay as the share the early variants share the same top case.
  • seebart (Thu, 14 May 2015 12:05:17 +0200) If your looking at a terminal keyboard online and are not sure you can always ask us. Of course it would be nice to have all the data in our wiki but consider the work in that also.
  • Ander (Thu, 14 May 2015 11:59:44 +0200) I'm just thinking it'd be valuable to have the terminal M's mentioned here somewhere, as it's tricky to find info on them otherwise. They sometimes appear on eBay without photos of their connector (usually because the seller doesn't know how important that is), and it would be good to be able to ID them quickly and easily.I understand how you'd rather not include terminal M's on the Enhanced Keyboard page. They're not much use to most people without considerable modification, and the various terminal p/n's would clutter the list of "useful" M's. Would it make any sense to start a separate page for them?Or maybe it would be more practical to add them to Wikipedia's Model M page, as its p/n list's table format is more concise. Then there'd finally be a list of all known 101-key p/n's in one place.
  • bhtooefr (Tue, 21 Apr 2015 11:28:08 +0200) It's worth noting that I just split Pointing stick and TrackPoint yesterday. The idea is that Pointing stick should be a generic article for the type of pointing device, TrackPoint should be specific to the IBM/Lenovo/Toshiba ones.I'd say technical things about IBM TrackPoints and Toshiba AccuPoints (at least ones that are based on IBM firmware) go in the TrackPoint article.
  • Nuum (Tue, 21 Apr 2015 09:43:32 +0200) Just do it!Or add your info about them to one of the pages you mentioned if you think it fits.
  • Dilettant (Tue, 21 Apr 2015 09:39:16 +0200) I'd like to start a Wiki page listing known trackpoint (respectively trackpoint controller) types and their pinouts so that it becomes easier for people trying to use salvaged trackpoints in their DIY projects to find and share needed info.I've not contributed to the Deskthority Wiki yet, so before getting my feet wet I'd like to know whether it's O.K. on Deksthority to follow Wikipedia's motto "Be bold" and simply start a new page for that topic. There already are two related pages (Pointing stick and TrackPoint), the former being entirely non-technical, the latter apparently being specific to old IBM TrackPoints.
  • bhtooefr (Thu, 16 Apr 2015 12:33:50 +0200) That would likely be because IBM Enhanced Keyboard doesn't refer to all Model Ms, it just refers to the 101-key (and derived layouts) ones. There are terminal keyboards that are Enhanced Keyboards (and some are mentioned in that article), but not all terminal Model Ms are Enhanced Keyboards. For instance, a 122-key Model M is not.
  • Ander (Thu, 16 Apr 2015 10:46:28 +0200) Hey guys,If I had to pick one resource for info about IBM Model M's, it'd be DT's IBM Enhanced Keyboard article.However, I've noticed that most of the Model M terminal variants (those with other than AT and PS/2 connectors) aren't there.Is this intentional, or due to an attitude that—because these variants need a controller replacement, or the addition of a secondary PCB (Teensy, etc.), to be used with a modern PC—they're somehow less than "real" Model M's?My personal feeling is, they are M's, and it'd be right to include them. It'd also help less-experienced Model M shoppers know what they were buying.If you approve, I'd be glad to start tracking down and entering details on the terminal part numbers. Cheers, A.