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The deskthority wiki is dedicated to mechanical keyboards, mice and other human interface devices. The main focus is everything regarding quality (mechanical) keyboards. In the nature of a wiki, the content will be frequently and constantly under construction. Want to share your knowledge and help us create the best input device wiki? This wiki is part of the deskthority forum - sign in with your forum account and start editing! There is no separate registration, and this is an open wiki. For discussions about the wiki, requests for higher wiki rights or changes/addons to the wiki engine, see the wiki subforum.

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  • Daniel Beardsmore (Sun, 27 Jul 2014 01:11:23 +0200) BTW, when new users sign up, why does their username get mangled in MediaWiki? It's always bugged me that my wiki username is incorrectly capitalised, and anyone else whose username is not all lowercase gets a messed-up wiki name. I understand that wiki usernames may need to start with a capital letter, due to MediaWiki's own idiocy (I have no idea why pages have to start with a capital letter in MediaWiki, but "due to technical restrictions" anyone with an all-lowercase username gets theirs broken in a different way), but I don't know why every other letter is forced into lowercase.(The forced lowercase is not a limitation of MediaWiki that I can see — certainly Wikipedia doesn't display this restriction, looking at their own recent changes list.)
  • nathanscribe (Sat, 26 Jul 2014 18:25:16 +0200) Here's a better overview, though it lacks many characters. Looking at the symbols, I'd say we're still looking at Formula One as the Cherry typeface, though the question mark appears lighter on the keyboard. Perhaps variations in the weights at different sizes account for that?
  • bazh (Sat, 26 Jul 2014 16:38:46 +0200) I want to see the ~ and # character too because I see there're 2 version of them on ANSI and ISO boards
  • nathanscribe (Sat, 26 Jul 2014 16:01:16 +0200) Daniel Beardsmore wrote:I tried to look up the Formula 1 typeface, but I can't find any evidence that it exists — I wanted to compare characters such as ~, ? and # to see if they also match., but not a full set Further, this page about the Doctor Who titles indicated Formula 1 was available as transfers but not digital. Hmm. Helvetica Rounded is not as similar as they suggest, though, I think.
  • Daniel Beardsmore (Sat, 26 Jul 2014 15:43:54 +0200) Full typefaces often do come in a large variety of weights. Cherry's legends are a bit confused though — look at how thin "?" is, for example.I tried to look up the Formula 1 typeface, but I can't find any evidence that it exists — I wanted to compare characters such as ~, ? and # to see if they also match.
  • nathanscribe (Sat, 26 Jul 2014 15:21:59 +0200) EDIT: interestingly, the legends on my white-on-black DS look wider than those on both my black-on-cream DS and the pics on the Wiki link. I suspect it's an optical illusion, unless both my eyes and my calipers are out.
  • Daniel Beardsmore (Sat, 26 Jul 2014 15:04:01 +0200) Ugh, Cherry's kiddy font. I never saw the appeal of a professional keyboard designed like it was for toddlers.Anyway, the pages you want are:Keyboard fontsCherry legends
  • Muirium (Sat, 26 Jul 2014 14:58:20 +0200) I think you're bang on. Cherry's round G never has been my cup of tea, but it's no tacky Arial either. Forumla 1 looks like a solid match; now if only we could find a nice type specimen with all of its widths and weights.Helvetica Rounded is, naturally, my favourite of your little sample overall. Although now I'm getting weird visions of Frankfurter Medium dyesubs…
  • nathanscribe (Sat, 26 Jul 2014 15:31:11 +0200) I couldn't find a reference to this in the wiki or the forum, but maybe I didn't look hard enough. Anyway, I've been looking at a lot of old typefaces lately, and came across "Formula 1". It's similar to Helvetica Rounded, but has the tail-less "G" and short-topped "5" that makes me think this is Cherry's keycap typeface. Sadly I cannot find a good online image of this typeface, and all searches for "Formula 1" bring up the predictable racing stuff.These characters match those on my (black) Cherry DS as perfectly as I can tell, including the lower-case letters on non-Alpha legends (slightly stubby lower curl on the "e", 2-story tailless "a", etc), in all but one respect: the Cherry upper-case look slightly wider (even taking into account my oddly-skewed photo, taken from the 1991 edition of Rookledge's International Typefinder). It's possible there are different weights and widths of this font, but in the absence of any other evidence I'd say this is the closest I've seen. Perhaps Cherry used a modified version? I don't know.Any thoughts?IMAG0808.jpgIMAG0809.jpg
  • matt3o (Fri, 11 Jul 2014 23:53:09 +0200) thanks for the insight. I'm renewing my hate for this system but I'll give it a shot, maybe at the end I'll like it.I will have a look at it this weekend, I'll let you know if I need help. you will surely have to review the modifications I make.