[FS] [US] Bolt-Modded SSK and Model F XT

Bought an ibm ssk, bolt modded it, decided I wasnt a fan of buckling springs lol (don't judge}. I cleaned the keycaps and replaced a few springs when I was bolt modding. All of the keys register great. A few keys are a but stiff but I'm sure you can just replace the springs using the bbq skewer method. I'm looking for $300 shipped to the US OBO. Manufacture date is Dec 21st, 1987 for anyone interested in that. (I'll throw in some spare spring+hammers i bought from unicomp)

I also have a model F that i stupidly took off the spacebar. There is a way to get the spacebar back but I haven't had the time to attempt it. The keyboard is in great shape but some of the keys may need reseated. Looking for $100 shipped to US for it.

I'm new to deskthority but i've lurked here for years. Let me know if i mess anything up.

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