[GB] AMJ40 40% keyboard Round 2

Announcing Round 2 of the group buy for the AMJ40 40% keyboard!


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International orders accepted!
GB Closing Date: February 1st, 2018

The AMJ40 is a 40% keyboard with a high quality PCB and an anodized aluminum case and plate that uses QMK as its firmware.

The AMJ40 comes in two main configurations: Staggered or Ortholinear.

There are 4 possible layouts for Staggered and 2 possible layouts for Ortholinear.

While the PCBs are the same for either Staggered or Ortholinear, the plates are different.

There are many different combinations to choose from, so make sure to check them all out!

Main Kit $150 per kit
  • AMJ40 PCB
  • Aluminum case
  • Plate
  • Screws
  • Rubber Feet

Staggered Kit:

Ortholinear Kit:

6 Layout Options:

Aluminum Case Colors:

Aluminum cases come in 13 colors: Orange, Silver, Gold, Titanium Grey, Light Blue, Dark Blue, Black, Light Pink, Purple, Fluorescent Green, Yellow, Peach Red, and Red.

You can see the actual colors of the cases below:


Assembly Service
There is also the option of having the keyboard coming completely assembled. In order to get this done, you will also need to order all of the necessary additional parts particular to a specific layout Therefore, you will also need to specify which of the 6 layouts you wish to have. Assembly will cost $30 USD.

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