[GB] [IC] AMJ40 v2.0 Kits 40% Keyboard

Im trying to see if there's any interest for the AMJ40 v2.0 40% keyboard.



**Fill out this form if you are interested:**


Note, this is the same form as the one I posted on Reddit in both/r/mechanicalkeyboards and /r/mechmarket, so do not submit one again if you have already done so.

Currently Im trying to figure out if people will want just the "Main Kit" or also the Addon parts with a range of choosable parts that are needed to complete the keyboard. In addition, if there's enough interest I may offer the option for the keyboard to come assembled.

I am still trying to get more detailed pricing for everything, but the "Main Kit" can be expected to be around $90 before shipping if there is a MOQ of 50 kits.


The "Main Kit" will consist of:


-Aluminum outer case



Addon Parts:

-Switches (Will need 42)

-Stabilizers (Will need 2, one for each space bar)

-Backlight (Switch) LEDs (Will need 42)

-Underglow LED strip

-USB Cable


When I previously bought the AMJ40, I was able to get a carbon fiber two layer case with an acryllic middle layer.
The carbon fiber case looks like this:


However after speaking with AMJ, it appears as though he only has aluminum cases at the moment.
The aluminum cases look great, but they won't be able to be used in combination with RGB underlighting since there isn't anywhere for the light to shine through.
The aluminum case case be seen in the pics at the top of this post.

Therefore, I have also added a question in the IC form to see if people are more interested in getting a solid aluminum case or rather something like the carbon fiber case with a transparent portion that can support RGB underglow. If enough people want the layer case/underglow, I can see if I can find someone to custom cut the cases for these kits.


Once I have received feedback from at least 50 people who are interested in this buy, I will make an official order form and leave the buy open for one month. After that, its up to how long shipping takes from China. In addition, for those of you who choose to buy a pre-assembled keyboard, I will round up my army of worker elves and try to get them done as fast as possible. I solder pretty fast though!

So you're looking at around 2-3 months.

Firmware -----

Previously the AMJ40 was a little bit difficult to flash, as the flashing software was only available on Chinese forums and only TMK firmware existed.
I recently ported the TMK firmware to QMK and figured out/configured the pins required to support RGB underglow.

For those of you who already have an AMJ40 or plan on buying one in this group buy, you can check out my QMK port here:

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