[GB] AMJ40 v2.0 Kits (40% Keyboard)

The group buy for the AMJ40 is now open!
MOQ: 50 main kits



See pics of the board:

Aluminum Case

Another Pic

Light Blue with switches in

Back of the PCB

If you decide to change your order after you have submitted the form, please message me on Discord (Flashquark) or by email at flashquark@gmail.com.
Do not submit another order form!


The group buy will remain open until April 5, 2017 after which orders will be sent out to the supplier.

I will send out invoices after April 5 if we have a MOQ of at least 50.
From there, its up to however long AMJ takes to make the boards and ship everything out. He did mention that people should not buy if they are in a rush to get it.

Shipping from China usually takes anywhere from 1-2 months.
After that I will promptly ship everything out to you guys within a few days.
Check Discord for updates.

Please be aware that there is the possibility of US Customs adding tax when the keyboards arrive to the US, as this is an international group buy with the boards coming from China. If there are taxes at Customs, I will send another invoice with the appropriate taxes based on the price of your order in relation to the total value of the shipment and the rate at which Customs taxed at.

There are many different combinations to choose from, so please carefully take a look at what is available below.

You will need to specify whether you want staggered or ortholinear layout, because it will affect which kind of plate you get.

Available in the group buy:

Main Kit $90 per kit


-Aluminum case



Pic of main kit

Additional Parts available on the order form:

-42 Gateron switch set $12 USD/set

-42 Backlight switch LEDs $3 USD/set


-2u x 2 pieces ($6 per 2 pieces)

-6.25u ($5 per stabilizer)

-6u ($5 per stabilizer)

-1.5 meter mini USB cable ($5)

Total price if you get a Main Kit with all additional parts for a twin space bar layout is $116 USD plus Paypal fees and shipping.

I am also offering the option of having the keyboard coming pre-assembled. In order to get this done, you will also need to order all of the necessary additional parts - at the very least the switches, appropriate stabilizers, and also LEDs if you wish to have backlighting. You will also need to specify which of the 5 layouts you wish to have. Please look at the picture below for the layouts **Pre-assembly will cost $20 USD.**

Layouts and Colors:

Since the majority of people have expressed interest in the aluminum case, I have decided to go with only offering the aluminum case. Currently that is the only kind that AMJ has.

Aluminum cases come in 9 colors: Silver, Gold, Titanium Grey, Light Blue, Dark Blue, Black, Light Pink, and Purple.
You will have the option of choosing case color in the order form.

I currently do not have pictures of all the aluminum case colors, but I will try to see if the supplier can send me some.

Here are the confirmed colors:

Silver: Pic

Black: Pic

Light Blue: Pic

Red: Pic

The aluminum colors appear to be standardized, so the following should be what the other colors look like, although I am still awaiting confirmation.

Purple: Pic

Gold: Pic

Dark Blue: Pic

Grey: Pic

Light Pink: Pic

LEDs are available in the 12 following colors: White, Ice Blue, Orange, Violet, Purple, Emerald, Green, Pink, Yellow, Fluorescent Yellow, Blue, Red

You can see what the LEDs colors will look like: HERE

6 Layout Options:

See the 6 possible layouts: HERE

Layouts 1 and 3 need two 2u stabilizers for the spacebars.

Layouts 2 and 4 need a 6.25u stabilizer for the spacebar.

Layout 5 needs a 6u stabilizer for the spacebar.

Layout 6 needs one 2u stabilizer for the spacebar.


There will be a shipping fee to get the kits shipped in bulk from China to the US. However this cost should only be a few dollars per person.

For shipping to final destination:

Within the US ~$15 USD

To Canada ~$20 USD

International Shipping ~$35 USD

Prices may vary slightly from shown above at the time of invoicing. If many people order, I may be able to lower the price of shipping as I can buy packaging materials in bulk. Overall, shipping will be somewhat pricier due to the fact that there are aluminum cases that take up space and weight. The orders will need to be shipped in boxes. Gotta protect those boards!


The keyboard can be flashed with the tools that AMJ has provided: HERE

Do not use the included firmware files that are provided with the flashing tool, as they are for the v1 board which has a different bottom row layout.

I will do a writeup of how to use the flashing tools soon, but you can also watch this video to learn how to use it:

The TMK firmware with support for the v2 boards can be found here: Github

You can also use my QMK port here: Github

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