[GB] GMK Burgundy R2

Hi everyone, cocobrais is coming back with Burgundy for round 2. :mrgreen:

Here are the changes according to the Interest Check thread on Geekhack:

1. Base kit
- legends color update : CR ==> WS1 as same with Round 1
- Add bar f and j
- Add x6 center stem space bar
- Delete all side legends

2. Icon modi kit
- legends color update : CR ==> WS1 as same with Round 1
- Delete num lock key
- Add Happy bottom 4 key

3. New alphas Kit (KR kit) ==> All double shot from New mold
- 26 alphas with KR
- 2 alphas with KR as bar f and j
** font was designed by Goldworm. Thanks to Goldworm!

Here are the important linkies to order:
- EU: CandyKeys
- USA: TX Keyboards
- China: zFrontier
- Rest of the world (handled by cocobrais): Google form | Geekhack link

Base kit:

Icon Modifiers kit:

KR Alphas kit:


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Love this set, especially with the KR kit.
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