Behold! The TiproDox

Hello fellow keyboard enthusiasts!
After long time lurkage, I have finally decided to register and participate.
I have been searching for a programmable keyboard with a lot of function keys and cherry mx switches, mainly for 3d and compositing. Last week I came across a picture of a Tipro POS keyboard via Google image search. Lo and behold, a German used hardware vendor had some usb-programmable 128 key units on hand. I ordered one, tested and then ordered a second one. All in all the build came to around 100€ so far. I would really like to get a hold of a Signature Plastics Grabbag to flesh it out more.
My idea was to build a split model with 256 keys and a ton of macros. Around the same time, I found some beautiful doubleshot Cyrillic keycaps which form the base of my setup.
The layout is a work in progress and will definitely be modified a bunch in the future. I tried to emulate the ergodox / kinesis layout. Let me know your thoughts on this!

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