Das Keyboard Gamma Zulu/Creative PRES

Has anyone ever seen the part number of either of these switches? So far as I can tell, no-one's taken any detailed photos of either switch, but there may be something that I'm missing.

Specifically, I'm interested to know whether they are part of B3K series. I assume they are, but I need to be certain. The part number is likely to be marked on each switch just as it is with Romer-G (which is two types now, B3K-T13L (blue) and B3K-T13L2 (black)). (Those are awfully long part numbers considering that, so far as we were aware, B3K series comprised precisely one switch!)

I do wonder if the new black Romer-G switches are up-rated to 100M to match the Gamma Zulu, as it would be a bit awkward for Logitech otherwise.
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