Painting / powder coating services or advice

I recently restored my 5251 and want to get it painted an industrial gray color. Would appreciate any advice on this topic including answers to:

1. Does this need to be painted or powder coated?
2. Does anyone in Southern California know of a reliable person they've used in the past?

Edit: I guess there's also cerakoting.

Thank you for your time!

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I have seen some examples of 5251 restorations that had good results with plasti dip, that is probably your cheapest option.

Though that being said, I am also looking into getting a bunch of my keyboard cases either professionally powder coated or cerakoted. IIRC you are in OC so this might be a bit far from you, but there is a highly recommended cerakote shop in LA that I am currently considering. If you decide to check them out before I do, do keep me posted:
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