Does Your Ideal Mouse Exist?

Tested the Cougar Revenger. I liked everything about it except the surface of the body of the mouse still feels sticky after only a few seconds of use. Great scroll wheel -- the quietest I've tested thus far.

Amazon is getting sloppy. I've ordered many things from them over the years and never before had a problem. However, the Cougar Revenger box had clearly been opened, yet they were selling it as new. I returned the mouse yesterday.

Still using my SS Rival 300. It's not perfect, but it's the best (for me) out of 16 or so mice that I have tested.
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My ideal mouse would be the Logitech M185 but scaled up a tad bit (about 5-10%), two buttons on the left of the mouse but positioned so that my finger isn't quite over them normally (I grip my mice a bit too much when moving them as a habit from controlling things in some old games and ended up triggered the buttons on the side of numerous mice by accident). Then obviously, a higher quality battery spring and some more durable feet (they've begun to wear away, but it's lasted well). I've never considered doing a custom mouse before (considering a practically totally custom keyboard though) however have you thought about salvaging the circuitry and sensor from a mouse and perhaps the feet then 3D printing one? I've not tried 3D printing mice but I don't see any reason it wouldn't be possible, then you could ensure the size and shape would be perfect for your hand.

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I got a good silent scrollwheel. : ] Logitech will switch and bate you if you send it to them tho, no hazzle.
I sweat alot and have no problems with the surface material, its not rubberized but a deep matt "ruffed" plastic - very nice, now that i look at it, probably the ideal mouse surface material. Sizewize, its OK.. I have big hands and it could be abit longer. But its ok, its one of the bigger mice on the market - only diamondback is longer.. If they didnt frack up the diamondback sensor id probably be using it right now. Oh wait the razer scamware - NVM. -_____-
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I got the Roccat Kova+ about a month ago. To sum it up: I like this mouse but it cannot quite compete with my Razer Deathadder. It's a bit smaller than the Deathadder which takes some getting used to but that's not a problem. The surface is slightly rubbery providing good grip. As you can see on my pictures dirt seems to stick to the rubbery surface somewhat. This mouse does not have braided cable sleeving.


The 3200 DPI sensor works well enough for me, I'm a casual gamer at best. The Roccat Kova+ does not feature any different DPI settings like many other mice. I don't care for the four RGB lights but they don't bother me either.
The scrollwheel works very well, one of the best solutions I've seen in a long time. The two buttons on either side are very accessible on the left thumb side, on the right it's adventurous due to the smaller size of this mouse, not sure what kind of Kung-Fu grip I need for those.


The overall quality of the Roccat Kova+ seems quite good for this price range. I have not tried the provided Roccat software. For the price of € 34,99 this rodent isn't bad at all, nothing extraordinary but certainly good value.


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