[Other news] Tearing keyboards apart in the name of art


Yes, and they are calling it upcycling. That's a pretty creative interpretation, as they are creating something that serves no function out of something that may have had one before they took it apart.

They are calling on people to bring in their old keyboards for this project. I just hope they didn't tear any "good" keyboards down... :?
In the Pacman picture I can definitely see a few Cherry caps.
Can anyone identify the board the person in the picture is holding? (Though it looks decidedly dome-y)
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Finally 60%

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Finally 60%
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How about sending them an email, asking them to hold off destroying old mechanical keyboards and instead making them available here?

That keyboard he is holding could be a Chicony rubber dome. They have made keyboards with all 1.5u bottom-row modifiers.

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Fuck you Google for ruining YouTube!
Not the only person

And this one even used just the "Command keys" of keyboards

Hope they'll kill only those mass produced bad keyboards.

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Eww. It's even worse when they use it for abstract art.
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Menuhin wrote:Hope they'll kill only those mass produced bad keyboards.

I think for you Gentlemen here, they might of ripped apart older Model-Ms and Fs to get those caps into a picture that is now classified as "Art".

Suspect most of you shall be convulsing in PAIN and ANGUISH if that was the case here :D .
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