[Photos] Alps chicklet keyboard on membrane

Thought this might be of interest. My Tomy Tutor computer (from 1983) has an Alps keyboard but not what you might expect :) It is a chicklet pressure sensitive membrane keyboard.

Here are some pics.

Tomy Tutor - computer.JPG
Tomy Tutor computer

Tomy Tutor - internals.JPG

Tomy Tutor - keyboard rubber chicklet keys.JPG
Rubber chicklet key membrane backside

Tomy Tutor - mounted membrane.JPG
Membrane mounted

Tomy Tutor - keyboard backplate.JPG
Metal backplate

Tomy Tutor - keyboard membrane.JPG
Pressure sensitive membrane sheets

Tomy Tutor - ALPS mark.JPG
ALPS mark
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Nice, I had no idea that Alps ever made any chiclet style boards like this.
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Man, the color scheme of the board fits perfectly with the chicklet keys! What an awesome looking board! How does it feel btw?

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