[Photos] Cherry G80-3000LPCXX-2 Blank POMs Cherry MX Blacks ISO BNIB

While I have been looking for some good full-size custom case (like LZ-Stan for example) I've bought this keyboard couple of days ago to replace my Leopold FC900R with Cherry blue switches in my office.

I really love the full-size layout in the office as I am an engineer and work with Excel spreadsheets and numbers a lot. But unfortunately, the full-size layout isn't very popular at all and there are not a lot of options on the market. Leopold quality is decent but I absolutely dislike Cherry blue switches.

So I found this board on eBay, thought it was a pretty rare combination (Cherry brand not Das, Black switches, blank POMs, ISO layout and BNIB condition) and decided it would be a good replacement for my office keyboard or the time being. I like linear switches like Blacks (I know there are some better linear switches on the market but still it is much better than Cherry Blue). But I was wrong :). Despite the caps feel fantastic and those Cherry Blacks are much better than Blue ones, the size of the keyboard is very big and the case quality is terrible in comparison with Leo.

SO finally I've decided to keep my Leo but replace switches to decent linear ones but I would like to ask the community what guys do you think, is it rare keyboard because of that combination and it is maybe worth to keep as a collector's item? Or maybe there is nothing special in it, ISO layout is unpopular etc. Any advice would be very welcomed ;)

P.S. Sorry for the small stain at the top right corner, I didn't notice it when was taking pics but already removed it with a wet cloth.

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Black on black is beautiful. I've been wanting the DAS branded one for some time.

Edit, to answer your question, IMO it is a keeper, though idk the value of one. I'm sure there would be lots of interest in it, if it really isn't for you.
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Wow, that's a gorgeous monolith -- very 2001: A Space Odyssey
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