[Photos] NeXT Non-ADB keyboard

DanielT wrote:
Muirium wrote:Someone knows a good source for these sockets, as I recall:


Now would be a great time to know! I have the dirty board opened up for cleaning. So far, so good.

I have 3 such sockets but it won't help you much shipping to US would take forever.

I used the instructions here (https://learn.adafruit.com/usb-next-key ... icro/parts — I got the DIN from DigiKey) to build an adruino-based adapter. It mostly worked, but the Mac-specific task switching-commands (Command-Tab, etc.) were problematic (having it connected but using it only for typing was less than ideal).

I need to go back and redo the wiring for it, and try to figure out if I can fix the code. If anyone has figured out how to get it to work right, please share. This is one of the very best keyboards I've had the pleasure to use, and I'd love to get it back into regular service.

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Muirium wrote:Here's six more:


All spoken for in my little GB. And all quite similar, besides for the German and Spanish layout versions at the top here.


The other 4 are ANSI.

The others have various numbers:

ABW1200087 - Spanish


Hate to be necroposting, but... do you still have the Spanish keyboard? I'm trying to document the different variants of the Spanish national layouts and I could use a couple more detailed pictures of that unit.

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