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by DrPsyche
19 Sep 2019, 10:29
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Topic: Cooler Master MasterKeys Pro S
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I see now how one might misunderstand this question. Of course stabilizers clip to the PCB and screw-in stabilizers are only found on old boards. No, I meant clipped as in, modded, "legs clipped". A popular mod that I feel is essential to removing Cherry stabilizer mushiness. According to reviews, ...
by DrPsyche
22 Mar 2019, 09:33
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Topic: Wodans Trading Terms
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Re: Wodans Trading Terms

From: theessayservice /u... ement-full (Standard Paypal User Agreement) No surcharges You agree that you will not impose a surcharge or any other fee for accepting PayPal as a payment method. You may charge a handling fee in connection with the sale of ...
by DrPsyche
22 Jan 2019, 14:09
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Topic: Hyperfocus by Chris Bailey - a good book
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Re: Hyperfocus by Chris Bailey - a good book

I am reading a small short but very interesting book, "Hyperfocus" by Chris Bailey which I will happily recommend to anybody here who likes to read. It reminds me of another small book I read earlier this year, "Ten Arguments for Deleting Your...
by DrPsyche
09 Jan 2019, 12:22
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Topic: Advice on which monitor for video editing?
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Re: Advice on which monitor for video editing?

After 10+ years of use, my Dell 2405FPW died. RIP I would like to get a 27" monitor. I'm getting lost in the sea of monitors. Seems like everyone makes factory calibrated monitor these days. Video editing is more of a hobby than my income generator, so cheaper the better. I mainly use Premiere and ...

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