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by HalfSlav
22 Apr 2021, 09:38
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Topic: [WTS] Ascaii's collection
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Re: [BERLIN] Ascaii's collection

by HalfSlav
23 Mar 2021, 10:16
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Topic: [SOLD] Consul 262.9, NOS
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Re: [WTS] Consul 262.9, NOS

Looks great! Could you tell me when it was made? I have the same board made in 91, and the keycaps look printed (don't know if dye-sub, but it's a bit uneven). I can't even remove the keycaps as they're glued to the stems :/
by HalfSlav
27 Feb 2021, 16:47
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Topic: ConTec PC Keyboard Omron B3G-S
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Re: ConTec PC Keyboard Omron B3G-S


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