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by ramnes
17 Jan 2019, 09:22
Forum: Gallery
Topic: The Diplomat
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The Diplomat

Here is just a G80-5000 with keycaps from those Tulip EU parliament boards, and a YOLO Yellow UMAD. It's been a long time that I didn't post a thread in that category!

by PlacaFromHell
04 Dec 2018, 04:18
Forum: Off-topic
Topic: Unpopular keyboard opinions
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I have not tried them yet :roll: I can't trust in a switch that varies in feeling because YOLO, my Apple Standard Keyboard was a great keyboard sometimes and sometimes a piece of shit. I still can't explain how the fuck a switch can be so sensitive to things like temperature and humidity. It's more ...
by PlacaFromHell
24 Aug 2018, 02:46
Forum: Other external
Topic: Great/Interesting Finds
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I need to stop buying things just for YOLO. It differs a bit. Image
by clickboyclick
22 Jun 2018, 02:35
Forum: Keyboards
Topic: IBM 5251 Beamspring Replaceing Insulation mat. TOXIC MAT!! CHECK MATS
Replies: 8
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What kind of soap did you wash it with? Might have something to do with it Regular dawn soap (not the constraint dish one). I just realized that mine has the same weird mat. The grease never dissapered, even with a very aggresive bath. If you want I can test a piece of 3mm thick EVA sheet that left...
by Wodan
22 Nov 2016, 15:29
Forum: Deskthority talk
Topic: Hash tag support
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... the architects of the internet have dreamed of a semantic web and suddenly it's there ... but mostly used to tag pictures on instagram with #yolo. The internet deserves better, un-yolo the hash tag!
by sphinx
14 Apr 2016, 18:37
Forum: Português
Topic: IMSTO Thick PBT Cherry Profile Round 4 Group Buy (Beige+ISO+1800KIT)
Replies: 68
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rddm wrote: Alguém confirmou com o imsto se realmente fecha hoje e qual é a ETA?
se fechar é amanhã :P

imagino q ele poste alguma coisa no geekhack

já comprei um set YOLO
by sth
02 Sep 2015, 16:45
Forum: Gallery
Topic: Post your keyboard/keycaps!
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Halvar wrote: I like the decorative autumn leaf.
picture title: the delicate transitive nature of life, or 'yolo' :maverick:
by sphinx
24 Mar 2015, 12:28
Forum: Workshop
Topic: Cheap source for Teensy 2.0 and 2.0++ controller from east Asia
Replies: 15
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i just ordered one from aliexpress for 15€

dunno if its legit or not, but YOLO ... 78237.html
by fart_toast
10 Jan 2014, 15:14
Forum: Workshop
Topic: Plate which allows switch top removal (SS Plate?)
Replies: 26
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Looking at $100 ish shipped. Yup more than a normal plate. Was actually finding it hard to source a Stainless Steel one in the UK. Initially wanted Stainless Steel to add weight to the keyboard as 60% are smaller and therefore lighter. Want to achor it to the desk better. Titanium will be lighter II...
by fruktstund
12 Sep 2013, 08:40
Forum: Deskthority club launch
Topic: Deskthority club - founding members poll
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option 3, yolo

I like this place, so why not.
by ripster
16 Jun 2012, 16:20
Forum: Group buys
Topic: Round 4 / packing (99.8%) / shipping (99.7%)
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My only disappointment is the posts aren't numbered here so I will NOT be post 5,0000. ... post591500

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