Zealios tester intrest check.

Hi guys,

A couple days ago my wife's mx-brown keyboard finally got in (with nice pink keycaps hahaha).

The reason why i got here that board is that she found stock mx-clears to be to heavy.
After typing on mx-browns for a few min i remembered why i dislike mx-browns ..to light and the tactile bump is not as pronounced as i would like it to be.

i have tried mx-reds, green,blacks, but i prefer the tactile feel of mx-clears above all other tactile switches..
Except i have not tried Zealios switches. :shock:
After looking around i did find a couple of sellers on Aliexpress that sold Zealio testers.
But reading about Zeal switches i quickly realized there where several revisions perhaps improvements who knows ??
Getting the switches from a third party was therefore a no go.. What good would a tester be if i wasn't sure of the source?

My second problem is that a regular switch tester is basically useless (in my opinion). (i have CoolerMaster one)
To get the feel of a switch i need at least 4 switches to roll my fingers over the switches like a piano..hhahaha
if you understand what i mean?
so i thought why not buy two acrylic switch holders.. And get 4 switches of each Zealios switches including the new Zilent ones..
In total 32 switches.. costing $26,40 adding $10 for shipping and $8 for two Acrylic switch holders the total would be around $44 that's around €38

zilent zealios

Screen Shot 2018-01-09 at 17.21.38.png
acrylic switch holder

Screen Shot 2018-01-09 at 17.06.16.png
zealio stem..

Having such a tester would be nice but keeping it would only serve to collect dust after a while..
So perhaps making it a DT community thing would be a better idea??? Pass it along to people wanting to tryout different tactile switches..

BTW; same goes for the new Hako switches from input-club.
adding two sets of 4 hako switches would make it the ultimate tactile tester..
Screen Shot 2018-01-09 at 17.43.41.png
Hako switch..

i would not mind contributing €1 or €2 with a couple of people also interested in trying Zealios switches..
it's just an idea perhaps going it alone is better it don't know ..just wanted to know if there are more people curious about Zeal switches..And the new Hako switch from Input Club.. but that one is perhaps more difficult to get as a sample kit.. but perhaps contacting them would help?? Something i would be willing to do..

take care all..
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