Old serial terminals?

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11 May 2021, 20:29

Anyone into collecting old serial terminals? I've kind of wanted one for a long time, maybe something like a VT220 but there are bunch of really interesting ones out there.

But it seems like most of the ones for sale are asking exorbitant prices, I'm guessing preying on companies who have some old system that relies on one and who don't know how to maintain it other than to replace like with like, so they'll pay a thousand dollars to replace the dumb terminal with the same vintage one if it breaks.

I also feel like we're past the days when they were just coming off being commonplace and were being dumped...

Any tips for finding one?

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13 May 2021, 18:52

No tips, but I would be surprised if running systems are increasing demand for these. The place I was at dumped them as soon as a PC running emulation crossed under the terminals in cost. Which was a long long time ago. Like windows 3.11 long time ago.


14 May 2021, 12:24

Was not interested in buying old terminals. But I think this is an interesting investment for collectors of old equipment.

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