How did you find your internet nickname?


01 Jul 2021, 21:45

I was big into Golden Sun the for the Gameboy Advance at the time and Orihalcon was one of the items that you would use to forge into the Excalibur Sword. I believe it was the second most powerful weapon in the game and something that you wouldn't get at all unless you got fairly lucky as forged items come out at random and it requires luck to have forgeable items dropped by enemies. Good times.

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02 Jul 2021, 11:59

thefarside is named after The Far Side, one of my favorite comics:

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02 Jul 2021, 15:13

Salted Caramel -> Assaulted Caramel (funny) -> AssaultedKarmel (shorter) -> Karmel (even shorter) -> Whatever else I can think of if it's taken.

I decided to look it up today and "Assaulted Caramel" is also the name of some book I've never heard of.

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03 Jul 2021, 08:46

On Deskthority my nickname is a portmanteau formed from troglodyte and type to indicate my lovely personality and love for old keyboards.

"troglodyte, n. (figurative). A person who lives in seclusion, unacquainted with the affairs of the world; a ‘hermit’. Also: a person who lives in a hovel or slum; one considered to be like a prehistoric cave-dweller" (From: Oxford English Dictionary)

My avatar proves that the world wide web holds an image of just about anything.
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03 Jul 2021, 09:19

GTA 4, Games for Windows Live. Random name generator and it stuck.... You, want to go bowling?

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05 Jul 2021, 16:42

Around 2003 someone purposefully wrote a commonly used way to shorten my first name, with an F instead of a V and IFo was born. I've always disliked my "real name" and I instantly fell in-love with IFo so I started introducing myself like that to everyone.

Then, around 2007 I started playing Second Life and back then the game still allowed you to have a last name. You had the option of either writing whatever you want as your last name or picking from a list of options (and to check out new options if the existing ones weren't to your taste). That's how I found Hancroft. I liked it on its own and how it sat along with IFo.

So, IFo Hancroft was born. That worked out perfectly because now I could use it everywhere a first and last name are required.


06 Jul 2021, 12:52

I decided not to invent anything like that and just took my last name. In my opinion, it turned out fine. Maybe if it was some kind of role-playing forum, I would need to come up with a character and play his role, it would be different.

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06 Jul 2021, 13:01

Burton wrote:
06 Jul 2021, 12:52
I decided not to invent anything like that and just took my last name. In my opinion, it turned out fine. Maybe if it was some kind of role-playing forum, I would need to come up with a character and play his role, it would be different.
I mean you have a really cool last name so that totally works for you.

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17 Jul 2021, 17:37

Go-Kart, a play on my surname 'Grocott'. Going to an all boys school, we referred to each other by our surnames and plays on those names were common place. Gerkin and Krog are the only other ones I can recall offhand but Go-Kart was a tag I used when I first played CS 1.6/signed up to Steam. Used it ever since.

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12 Aug 2021, 20:48

Got my nickname while studying in China. 杰克波, or in pinyin jié kè bō, has similar sounds as my real name, Jacob. Normally Chinese names have nice meanings like beautiful flower or storm petrel, but my name is more clumsy and translates to something like heroic gram (yes, the unit of mass) surge.

John Doe

14 Aug 2021, 12:50

jiekebo wrote:
12 Aug 2021, 20:48
in pinyin jié kè bō, has similar sounds as my real name, Jacob.
that explained why I found its easily pronounced when put it in Chinese language system, I thought it's coincidence at first.


24 Aug 2021, 22:41

The first keyboard I am modifying is a Silitek SK-8000, so SK-8K

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24 Sep 2021, 19:29

depletedvespene wrote:
02 Jun 2020, 18:05
I've had to plead the Fifth on the motivation for my own online handle (what the young whippersnappers call "Internet nickname") so many times that I sometimes wonder if I should just discard it and start being known as "IPleadTheFifth".
You could've at least told them to go play [REDACTED] to find out.

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24 Sep 2021, 19:57

I found my name by looking in the mirror ... rorrim eht ni gnikool yb eman ym dnuof I

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27 Sep 2021, 04:07

I was using just Snacks, but that nickname is taken on almost every platform I've ever tried to register it on.

I'm pretty sure I stole snacksthecat from seeing it on a blog I read a lot ~2009-2012 called hipsterrunoff ...

One of the band members of Best Coast had a pet cat with this name. I have no idea why I took this name, since I really never listened to the band very much (they're good, just not my cup of tea). I had to google the artist-to-pet relationship to make sure I was remembering the origin correctly. :)



27 Sep 2021, 10:08

One day I searched for old names in different languages like Japanese, Turkish, Arabic, German and I kinda liked the German name Innozenz, but I didn't like the pronunciation of the double n in the name so I made it shorter to inozenz. So instead of inno it's just ino. I also liked that the name resembles the word innocent. Since then I've just been using it.

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27 Sep 2021, 14:31

I had no idea there was a classic name: Innozenz. I assumed you meant "Innocence" and were clearly trying to hide something in plain sight. :lol:

invalid mr_a500

19 Oct 2021, 20:37

I got my Amiga 500 online around 2003 and needed a username to join an Amiga forum. I thought of the old 1980's "Mr. Big" chocolate bar commercial tagline,"When you're this big, they call you Mister." (...or was it in a porno..)

So I thought "When you've got an A500 this kick-ass good, they call you Mister". I tried "Mr. A500", but no spaces or dots allowed on that forum, so had to reformat to "mr_a500".

I used that Amiga 500 online exclusively (all browsing, posts, emails, eBay wins, etc.) until 2008 when I switched to BeOS for a couple years, then finally to OSX.

Amiga 500 16 colour Workbench 3.1:
A500Picot.png (47.21 KiB) Viewed 424 times
This is 1985 graphics! (a screenshot of this will display 100% correctly on a 1985 Amiga 1000. I've tried it on my A1000.)

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19 Oct 2021, 20:41

But the watch says your system clock’s wrong…

invalid mr_a500

19 Oct 2021, 20:45

It's expecting a lot to get the background wallpaper to keep up with the system time on a 1987 Amiga 500.

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19 Oct 2021, 21:02

The clock app icon on the 2007 iPhone didn’t even do that for a fair while. :lol:

Bethanie Rich

26 Oct 2021, 22:53

I was 10 when I started playing CS under the nickname FirePover. Now I'm 25 and I, together with the guys from this website, create my own application with guides for games that are included in eSports. This is my story))

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