Chinese are forgetting how to write Chinese in China.

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01 Jan 2017, 20:14

Chinese are forgetting how to write Chinese when without computer-aid in China and in Taiwan.
Because the prominent Chinese input systems nowadays totally do not require any knowledge of the form of the characters / words, and are only phonetic-based.

By accident, I stumbled upon the new GB of XDA set, and its "River Civilization" set has its second legend for Cangjie input system. Those who use Cangjie system and its derivatives that use form-based character-to-code translation will have no trouble remembering the form of Chinese characters.
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01 Jan 2017, 20:20


For those who may want to / need to learn Chinese computer input method, I highly recommend the Cangjie method.

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23 Jan 2017, 00:40

Modern pens don't work well for Kanji or Chinese characters very well-- I've found the best one is the sharpie pen since it doesn't blot when you're speed writing rather complex strokes that would otherwise even stress out even the best uniball.

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23 Jan 2017, 05:40

I thought thats why fountain pens were still popular in nations like Japan, China and Korea. Cause they were easier to write in those languages with.

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05 Mar 2017, 02:48

It has been a problem even before computer age hit us...Firstly, the characters in Chinese language is insanely complex, I think people in Taiwan and hongkong have an even stronger feeling about this, because over there they don't use "simplified" Chinese, however even this "simplified" stuff is still complex like hell... Secondly, Chinese characters are not abstract things,we don't need to know every stroke of a character to recognize it,you can do a test by covering up half even 2/3 of a character and ask people what it is, people still can tell, especially in sentence, in turn, it means that we don't have to write every stroke of a character to make it legible. In practice, almost everybody does this in writing, I mean omit some strokes to make writing easier and faster, that's why when we need to write a character stroke by stroke, we usually forget how to...especially the complex and less frequently used ones.

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