Deskthority Secret Santa 2017 Photo Thread

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13 Dec 2017, 18:51

Post your received gifts here! You can open whenever you want, whether it's today, next week or next year.

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14 Dec 2017, 20:03

Alright! Looks like I'm first

Mine came in today shortly after I finished work. I read the description of contents on the box and was pretty excited to see 'IBM PC Keyboard' assuming it was a Model M (something you can never have too many of!) And also a keypuller and a shit load of reese's cups, nutter butters, and these cheeto crisp type things. All of which I am absolutely obsessed with and I'm going to need to subscribe to a gym next year after I finish them all :P

Here's some pictures of me obliterating the box and a quick overview of the goodies.
20171214_172612.jpg (4.51 MiB) Viewed 4950 times
Now on to the main attraction!
20171214_172817.jpg (3.68 MiB) Viewed 4950 times
Up until this point I was convinced it was going to be an IBM Model M but to my surprise it turned out to be:
20171214_172830.jpg (3.75 MiB) Viewed 4950 times
A Brand spanking new Pingmaster!
I have never used one of these things before but they've managed to change my mind about linear switches. This board is absolutely awesome! All I need to do now is convert it and print some labels for the blank keycaps.

Thank you Santa :)


14 Dec 2017, 21:01

Very nIce, the keyboard looks pristine. Gonna have to make some room for it on your desk :D. You may want to obscure the address information in the first image though.

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Alps Aficionado

14 Dec 2017, 21:31

The pingmaster is always a nice gift :)

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15 Dec 2017, 01:11

wobbled wrote: A Brand spanking new Pingmaster!

Thank you Santa :)

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15 Dec 2017, 12:49

I wonder how much shipping was via DHL…

Congratulations, by the way.


15 Dec 2017, 17:54

Lustique wrote: I wonder how much shipping was via DHL…
Best not to ask questions like that *shudder*


18 Dec 2017, 11:43

I had a little sneak peak inside mine , you guys are not going to believe whats inside :D

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Wild Duck

18 Dec 2017, 12:06

A keyboard? Wild guess...


18 Dec 2017, 12:09

andrewjoy wrote: I had a little sneak peak inside mine , you guys are not going to believe whats inside :D
Candy from American.


18 Dec 2017, 12:11

webwit wrote: A keyboard? Wild guess...

Yes but what keyboard :D

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18 Dec 2017, 12:27

andrewjoy wrote:
webwit wrote: A keyboard? Wild guess...

Yes but what keyboard :D
A mechanical one


18 Dec 2017, 12:39

Screen Shot 2017-12-18 at 11.27.07.png
Screen Shot 2017-12-18 at 11.27.07.png (17.02 KiB) Viewed 4749 times
I sealed it up again , going to wait for xmas to open fully and use

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Alps Aficionado

21 Dec 2017, 00:15

Got my gift today, and was so impatient that I opened it up when I got it. Thank you so much santa! you're the best :) Ive been wanting to buy an ultrasonic cleaner for months, and Im glad I put it off :)


I couldnt wait to put these caps on a keyboard either. My first cyrillic set in my hands. kinda like a teaser for something to come :)

better shot of the cyrillic caps


and the letter!

the artisan caps are delicious :)

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24 Dec 2017, 20:34

Excelent ! A few hour remaining ! Come on with the gifts guys :D

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24 Dec 2017, 20:42

Well ... I would if I had received it, I have yet to and I couldn't be more impatient to know what my gift is :D

I guess I will see on the 27th since I come back from the "family gatherings" at that date... Very hyped for that day :)


25 Dec 2017, 09:44

I finally opened my present :-D

It's an Alps starter pack and it made me very happy. Most of the keyboards I had the chance to try were either Cherry or Buckling spring, so Alps switches are very welcome. To make it even better and noob friendly, they are already modified and prepared for testing.
Oh, and AEK is included as a perfect testing board.

Thank you Secret Santa :D


25 Dec 2017, 22:09


Here we go, the package arrived! - Fragile - a good sign :-)
26063094_10155981368193784_1248632908_o.jpg (2.47 MiB) Viewed 4492 times
... uh oh, a puncture wound - hopefully just a flesh wound!:
26062804_10155981368473784_852576122_o.jpg (2.15 MiB) Viewed 4492 times

So, what's in the box? Some metal things, and a DT keycap!
26063019_10155981367853784_1953324181_o.jpg (1.08 MiB) Viewed 4492 times
Ohh, Keyswitches and Caps(!)
26061024_10155981367738784_1948860187_o.jpg (1.86 MiB) Viewed 4492 times
26062645_10155981367578784_1331920793_o.jpg (1.78 MiB) Viewed 4492 times
... and in the white box, a case, pcb and my first metal plate!
26062707_10155981367413784_1524170170_o.jpg (1.96 MiB) Viewed 4492 times
... and the explanatory note:
26061324_10155981367088784_1138703946_o.jpg (2.46 MiB) Viewed 4492 times
My first actual Cherry Keyboard AND my first 60(?)%? - I'm excited to build it!!

Thanks SecretSanta <3

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26 Dec 2017, 23:49







Thanks, Santa! The Model M has one piece caps, which was a pleasant surprise, and everything else is awesome. I'm sick right now so it provided a nice distraction.

Packing peanuts, however, are the spawn of Satan.

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Vintage computer guy

28 Dec 2017, 14:46

Got my Secret Santa gift a few days before Christmas. I got a vintage Hewlett Packard keyboard from a 2632A terminal. My Secret Santa mentioned that this particular terminal was used at the Bell Labs which makes it extra special. In keeping with my tradition of keeping the keyboard with the terminal, my Secret Santa offered the terminal but it was too expensive to ship but I want it. Secret Santa, please PM me. I'll cover the shipping cost so we can keep this together.

In another tradition, I've also documented the keyboard in the wiki. Please check out further pictures here: wiki/Hewlett_Packard_2623A

Here are a few pics. This has Hi-Tek Linear switches. Thanks Secret Santa!
Hewlett Packard 2623A - keyboard top.JPG
Hewlett Packard 2623A - keyboard top
Hewlett Packard 2623A - keyboard top.JPG (417.14 KiB) Viewed 4383 times
Hewlett Packard 2623A - keyboard mechanism top.JPG
Hewlett Packard 2623A - keyboard mechanism top
Hewlett Packard 2623A - keyboard mechanism top.JPG (369.08 KiB) Viewed 4383 times
Hewlett Packard 2623A - key caps removed.JPG
Hewlett Packard 2623A - key caps removed
Hewlett Packard 2623A - key caps removed.JPG (257.09 KiB) Viewed 4383 times
Hewlett Packard 2623A - key switch profile.JPG
Hewlett Packard 2623A - key switch profile
Hewlett Packard 2623A - key switch profile.JPG (317.95 KiB) Viewed 4383 times
Hewlett Packard 2623A - key caps.JPG
Hewlett Packard 2623A - key caps
Hewlett Packard 2623A - key caps.JPG (282.17 KiB) Viewed 4383 times
Hewlett Packard 2623A - manuals and Secret Santa card.JPG
Hewlett Packard 2623A - manuals and Secret Santa card
Hewlett Packard 2623A - manuals and Secret Santa card.JPG (503.5 KiB) Viewed 4383 times

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Daniel Beardsmore

28 Dec 2017, 16:53

Back when a blue screen was a good thing …


28 Dec 2017, 19:56

I got quite a bit of stuff. First of all I would like to thank my Secret Santa (you know who you are ;) ) for the awesome gifts he sent me :D. As I have only experienced Cherry MX switches, it's fun to finally try out some other stuff.
20171228_165621.jpg (2.87 MiB) Viewed 4364 times
The box came a bit pre-torn. Fortunately it seems nothing fell out :).

20171228_165627.jpg (2.96 MiB) Viewed 4364 times
There's a picture of Santa hard at work :D.

20171228_170948.jpg (3.58 MiB) Viewed 4364 times
Zenith 150 (1886?) with Green Alps! :o I never tried Alps switches before, but I really like these. The caps look quite nice as well. However I have no idea how to proceed to connect this to my PC. :oops: Is this possible at all or is this board meant as Green Alps source for other builds? There is some wiring work already done on the board (to make it compatible?). Also are there any original cases for this out there to house it in?
So many questions :D, I'm already Googling to try and find out as much as i can about this board.

20171228_170954.jpg (3.06 MiB) Viewed 4364 times
A Cherry MY board. I also never tried MY switches before. They're quite mushy for my liking but the key caps legends look pretty awesome :). Anyone know what board this is from? I assume this board is not meant to connect to modern machines?

20171228_170958.jpg (2.93 MiB) Viewed 4364 times
Finally I also got this fancy ergonomic mouse. It looks quite futuristic, can't wait to try it out :D.

Thanks again Santa!
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28 Dec 2017, 19:57

Keyboard is built...

Using it is a culture-shock compared to my daily drivers (pictured). I am however determined to master it.

My daughter loves it because it means she didn't cry when she tries to lift a keyboard I her lap to play Minecraft :-)


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03 Jan 2018, 01:20

Ho ho merry no longer Christmas, or 2017...
Well here we go :D
A box which USPS has been punted through the uprights at USPS sorting facility in JFK NYC
IMG_20171229_081804.jpg (3.74 MiB) Viewed 4272 times
Also seconded as a seat cushion...
IMG_20171229_081814.jpg (4.02 MiB) Viewed 4272 times
Foreign ephemera
IMG_20171229_082008.jpg (3.74 MiB) Viewed 4272 times
I wonder what this is...
IMG_20171229_082107.jpg (4.47 MiB) Viewed 4272 times
Teh l00t
IMG_20171229_082303.jpg (4.34 MiB) Viewed 4272 times
Hey its my initials in chocolate!
IMG_20171229_082322.jpg (3.1 MiB) Viewed 4272 times
Thanks to my secret santa, I didn't have a board with cherry blacks yet so its nice to have one which also is PS2 so I can plug it into my computer. The chocolate is pretty good, thanks to global warming I wont be leaving my home so it will come in handy.

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ISO Advocate

03 Jan 2018, 11:21

I really want to share the first pics of my Secret Santa package already since I still haven't done the video of it yet!
First, le Boxe:
Solid packing and wrapping job :)

The goodies spread out:
An ISO-UK Space Invader board in great shape, some cookies (long gone ...) and a bag of ZEALIOS!!!
Finally getting my hands on a boards worth of Zealios! First round so my expectations are not too high ;)
Closer look of the Zealios:

I will be doing a build stream of these Zealswitches very soon :) Also a better pic of the letter following soon :)

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03 Jan 2018, 16:20

It finally came !!

A beautiful box :


I was too excited and kinda ripped it apart open and laid the gifts to show them :D


Things I really wasn't expecting ! A set of French POMs for almost-blind people, a G84-4402PRAUS and a Rollermouse Free (which is something I really never thought I would get)


In place ! This is really weird to use, it doesn't feel wrong, it just feels weird, I think the F XT bezel is too big (or my hands are too small) so it's nearly impossible to type and use it at the same time (which is the point isn't it ?). Anyway it seems very ergonomic and will definitly be used !

I still have the habit of picking up my mouse so it's confusing :lol:

I have to find a keyboard to put the POMs on, I don't have a lot of MX boards anymore, I'm sure I'll find one for such a gift 8-)

Thank you Secret Santa !

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03 Jan 2018, 16:27

That's some interesting mod placement.

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03 Jan 2018, 22:30

kekstee wrote: That's some interesting mod placement.
I was bored and was watching ebay when a listing for a Model F had a few missplaced mods and I thought it would look cool, so I did the same :lol: except more because only the bottom row was missplaced in the listing

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Yet another IBM snob

12 Jan 2018, 14:17

People... Are you waiting for Easter? :D

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5711 4 life

12 Jan 2018, 19:51

DISCLAIMER: This is a reenactment, the original opening was at the customs office where I couldn't take pictures.
DISCLAIMER 2: I suck at taking pictures
DISCLAIMER 3: Some of the sweets were consumed before I took the pictures for this reenactment :lol:

So, my secretsanta anonymously sent me the tracking information for my package which showed me it went to the customs office. This meant I had to wait for the letter from customs to arrive that told me "Hi, we have your package, come get. And bring an invoice. And money!". So I went there, without an invoice, told them it was present from a Secret Santa Gift Exchange from a person I didnt know. (Luckily there is a german for Secret Santa, "wichteln"). So I opened it up, customs guy nods and lets me go without paying. :lol:

But enough story time. Here are the pictures:

Censored to protect the innocent.
These sweets were unopened when the package arrived :)
More unpacking
The letter.
The sweets (all cherry themed as santa figured out my preference)
A goody bag!
A custom built numpad (to complete my "snapped in half" other keyboards :)
Details! Its buckling spring!
And some spare parts to fiddle around with!

So, thank you very much secret santa, my desk is now finally no longer filled with half keyboards and I can enter numbers into excel a lot quicker! Thanks alot for this, it will find a special place in my keyboard collection!

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