Ebay with Visa gift cards?

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09 Jun 2018, 10:49

I was going to buy some items off of ebay that I really want (keyboards and some other things ;) ). However, I don't have any credit cards nor will I use my parents' (don't want them to check the price of some of these items xd). With the little research I did apparently Visa gift cards work in ebay. I was wondering if this method actually works and if anybody else has done this, and if so, I would like to know the steps to buy the items. (Starting from right after buying the gift cards if possible)

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ALPS キーボード

09 Jun 2018, 11:13

Buy cards.
Input card number on eBay.
Buy item.
Select card at checkout.

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09 Jun 2018, 13:16

Gee, that was less complicated than I thought. Thanks.

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