romer g, cherr mx or razer switches?


13 May 2019, 14:52

Confused between these 3 mentioned in the title, I'm looking at something that it has good feedback and is noisy at a mediocre level. But I'm confused because mostly people say cherry mx are better overall, like in this article Any professional help would be great!


13 May 2019, 17:17

Razer switches are clones of Cherry MX switches, made by either Kailh or Greetech and branded "Razer".
Razer Green = clones of Cherry MX Blue, Razer Orange = clones of Cherry MX Brown and Razer Yellow = clones of Cherry MX Speed Silver.
The differences between Cherry MX, Kailh and Greetech switches are not huge, because they work the same way and some parts are even interchangeable.
The Razer-branded ones are found only in Razer keyboards, but very similar switches made by Kailh and Greetech respectively (Blue and Brown instead of Green and Orange) can be found in other manufacturers' keyboards. When you see Yellow switches that are not branded Razer then those are usually linear with a weighting in-between Cherry MX Red and Black.
I do personally have very little respect for Razer, mainly because of Razer SoftMiner but also because of them consistently using extraordinary claims in marketing, which misleads people.

Romer-G were made by Omron (an old microswitch manufacturer) and are found only in keyboards from Logitech, but related switches (but not the same) are found in a couple keyboards from other brands.
Omron's switches are their own designs and have a different construction and feel from the Cherry MX switches and its clones.

I'd say that which type of switch to get (Cherry MX/Clone type or Omron) is up to personal preference.
The Romer-G switches I have tried did not provide much tactile feedback.
Of Cherry's switches (and clones) that you could find in mass-produced keyboards, only Blue and MX Clear are known to provide much tactile feedback. Blue are clicky, Clear are not. They feel very different.

However, if you would build your own keyboard, then there are now multiple options for tactile switches ... and more each day, it seems. Definitely a rabbit hole to fall through. :)


13 May 2019, 20:46

I can tell you a bit about Razer green because I've spent 3 years with them. They're barely tactile, scratchy, inconsistent and fail a lot.
This is more of a personal opinion, but, they are too light for me (at least for clicky switches), sound bad and feel bad.
The keyboards that you are looking to buy if you want these switches are Razer keyboards and they're very bad, overpriced (even though I bought an M60-A for a lot more), fail easily and have terrible anti features.
I wrote a Reddit article about why you shouldn't get a Razer keyboard: ... _keyboard/
Edit: Razer Green are more of a Cherry MX Brown clone than an MX Blue one, at least in terms of tactility.

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