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07 Jun 2019, 11:56

Hey guys... so my girlfriend is getting down with the lifestyle. Every morning she gets up and has some coffee with creamer and sugar. For a tiny girl, this amounts to a huge bunch of carbs and calories in the morning. How can she have delicious coffee without all that sugar and creamer?

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07 Jun 2019, 14:20

I'd let her try high grade, freshly ground pour over coffee, medium roast. Once a person gets hooked by the complex flavours, adding sugar or creme would be just blasphemy.

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07 Jun 2019, 14:45

An Aeropress makes a good espresso-like cup without much acidity, so it might be a nice intro to black coffee.

But I hope this is something that you and her have discussed already, and you're not trying to manage her diet for her.


07 Jun 2019, 14:54

Well... I know the perfect solution to a perfect cup of coffee that tastes good without being fattening. The trick is to spot underhanded "astroturf" advertising when it appears and not be fooled by it.
New user, first post unrelated to the subject of this board, about a subject that people are sensitive too. There is a usually a follow-up the next day from the same or from another newly registered account with the answer to the question in the first post, with a link to the product he/she/it is peddling.

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07 Jun 2019, 16:02

Get a coffee grinder, electric kettle, and a high quality french press.

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