Deskthority Secret Santa 2019

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10 Dec 2020, 05:15

AdrianMan wrote:
03 Dec 2020, 15:13
2020 Go Santa !
With the way shipping is this year, I'm not super enthusiastic in regards to international shipping. I might aim for a "Early 2021 Secret Santa" if situations improve, but as-is, a lot of the shipping services are very screwed up.

It's so bad I had one package get delivered after 6 months in shipping. No joke.

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10 Dec 2020, 20:19

Ha, that's true :)

The inner child craved for the thrill of opening suprise keyboard stuff once again :D


15 Dec 2020, 23:07

Maybe it's better to hold North America and European versions separately to avoid cross-Atlantic shipping?
Would be excited to join if it's running again this year.

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