Government misdirection


27 Jul 2013, 09:17

I noticed that the British government seems to have deliberately confused child pornography with children having access to porn.

I suppose it's easier to answer the question you wanted, rather than the question you were given.

Does anyone have any other examples?

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27 Jul 2013, 10:14

Actually, when I first heard of "child pornography", as a 12 or so year old adolescent with a keen interest in regular pornography, I thought it meant "under 18s getting their mucky hands on porn" too! The idea that anyone would actually want to see kids featured inside the stuff simply never occurred to me.

But this was long ago.

The current British government, set to expire and be trounced in spring 2015, is a curious beast. A mixture of tight arsed Tories (who are often into various kinds of BDSM in private, if the Major government was any indication) and "won't someone pleeeeeeeeeeeeease think of the children!" Liberals (who are such dull twats it amazes everyone whenever one of them is caught with his pants down around a pair of identical pop star twins looking for a passport). I'd call Blair's "Labour" government from 1997-2010 more truly dangerous than this one. Those bastards were smart enough to control the media very effectively until the huge unforced error of Iraq. But this one's hideous and purposeful ignorance of what "the Internet" is and how it works, ach, it makes me glad I gave up watching Newsnight and other politics shows. Too depressing.

Good job they're all doomed. How I love interconnectivity!


28 Jul 2013, 11:02

It seems that things are set to get worse, just seen a news article on billboards encouraging illegal immigrants to leave. Forget about the made up statistics, why is it only in English? Either it's aimed at voters, or it's aimed at people like me.

Personally, I think illegal immigrants with standards of English that high should be welcomed.

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28 Jul 2013, 11:53

"Asylum seekers", or whatever the politically correct term is today to be a racist tosspot, are to British politics what abortion is to the US. No "pro-life" groups over there actually give a shit about what happens to the unwanted children they force into existence. That's not the point! Hippy bi-pan-poly-sexual young women are the point. Witches! Burn them!

Oh and do vote for us. They're real you know. Or what would so many well dressed politicians like us be shouting at? Now stay calm and carry on. Keep it for the ballot box, and the weekly hate support group.


25 Sep 2018, 14:51

The government wants to control the message to push there own agenda that may or may not be what they where voted in to do, or to satisfy the needs of lobby groups and big business.

Stories are not covered that may lead to public opinion moving against there policy. Look at the cover up of the grooming gangs in the UK or the new years sex attacks in cologne. Both crimes where committed by mainly groups of Muslim men and where not reported on or under reported to stop people being called "racist" or to stop the rise of the so called "far right" parties. ( Although if the current media is to be believed everyone right of Carl Marks is a far right extremist Nazi )

You see companies like google facebook and twitter suppressing the voice of people they don't like and some of that has to come from on high.

Brexit and Trump where the results of the message over social media and the internet and they cannot have that, must stop the people getting what they want, if only we can control what they see they can give the "correct" answer to a vote!

The whole article 13 and 11 that the EU pushed through recently where to " protect copyright " are clearly a smoke screen to allow mass control of messages on the internet and social media, thank fuck we are leaving that totalitarian mess.

All the people that think we should control the mean words on the internet are too fucking stupid to realise that the same powers can be used against them if someone on the other side of the political spectrum gets voted in ( and that can happen, there is no more shame in that voting booth you can say what you relay think).
hoggy wrote: Personally, I think illegal immigrants with standards of English that high should be welcomed.
If someone is an illegal immigrant then they have broken the law. This is not fair on other people that are trying to enter the country in the legal manner or people who are already here( previous immigrants or people who where born in the country) as it puts extra strain on the systems that are in place to help people. Anyone who is in any country illegally should be removed.

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