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10 Dec 2016, 21:50


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Voters have a chance at winning an Ice Cap set, a Midnight set, and a Grab Bag from Pimp My Keyboard / SP!

The official nominees were:

  • Topre
  • Zealios
  • Beamspring
  • Capacitive buckling spring
  • Cherry MX Clears

After you voted and voted again, there is a clear winner among the community favourites, a switch most of us love to love.

Without further ado, the winner of the Wingnut is:
Oneness with the cup rubber, typing on boobs, the king of domes. Japan knows best, 'nuff said!

2nd place: Zealios
The newer, smoother, and ergo-er MX Clear! These purple-stemmed children of ZealPC are a new favourite among Cherry MX lovers!


3rd place: Capacitive buckling spring
IBM's attempt to make the beam spring more compact and cheaper gave us this gem, a great switch in it own right. Light, crisp and loud! Easier to find than its predecessor, it has thousands of fans across the world.

Honorable mentions:
Beam spring
The exquisitely tactile masterpiece of IBM engineering, it has a certain swing that makes you fall in love at first press.

Cherry MX Clear
Good old MX Clears: tactile, heavy, and a staple for the MX crowd, it has been the switch of choice for many.


10 Dec 2016, 21:53

Eyy! Sad that no Alps switches made it, but this was the next best thing!


10 Dec 2016, 21:54

Don't make me more curious than I need to be over this. :roll:

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formerly prdlm2009

11 Dec 2016, 00:20

I expected more from beam spring. You disappointed me so much, beam spring.

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11 Dec 2016, 00:36

Damn, I was hoping and expecting to see Beam Spring up there at #1. A lot of people haven't tried it or even heard of it, we need more Beam Spring out there! Top two places definitely deserve praise, great switches :)

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Not what they seem

11 Dec 2016, 00:38

vivalarevolución wrote: I expected more from beam spring. You disappointed me so much, beam spring.
Yeah :? I feel like a lot of voters probably haven't ever ever tried beam spring sadly though.

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11 Dec 2016, 00:47

That's the thing, it's not an accessible switch. (And, I prefer capacitive buckling spring over it - beam spring is smoother, more refined, but I prefer more tactility in my switches.)

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ISO Advocate

11 Dec 2016, 13:07

I feel like Topre is just getting started. Hopefully there will be ISO versions of the new Leopold boards!

Going MX mount was a great decision to get even more enthusiast attention.

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