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30 Dec 2013, 07:01

Teensy 2.0 Group Buy Round 2

Orders closing soon. Invoicing to begin this weekend. ALL PAYMENTS DUE BY 21 FEBRUARY 2014.


The Teensy USB Development Board is a complete USB-based microcontoller development system. Only a standard Mini-B USB cable is needed to connect to a PC or Macintosh. This version has solder pads for all I/O signals. Also included with each Teensy ordered is a set of 40 male header pins (not soldered to Teensy).


$14.00 per Teensy

Shipping will be in bubble mailers via USPS First Class Mail.

CONUS rates:
1-2: $2.50
3-4: $4.00
5+: $6.00

Int'l rates:
1-2: $10.00
3-4: $13.50
5+: $26 (Priority Mail)

To let you know what you are getting for your $14, the Teensy 2.0 with pins sells for $19 plus shipping from PJRC.com. Their base shipping cost is $3.50 or so. The only difference here is that you have to solder on the header pins to the Teensy. Which is very easy to do. So, by soldering your own pins, and ordering in bulk, you will save at least $6 for one piece. Consider each additional unit you order as an additional $5 saved.

Order Form
Please submit your order using the Google Docs form, >ORDERS CLOSED<

PM me for any order changes.

Order List
scottc paid
Muirium paid
xbb paid
uros paid

vierax pending
mr_a500 paid
HzFaq paid
QWERTim paid
WhaleHunterNate paid
sean4star paid
firewolk paid
Chrishas paid
khaine1711 paid
sgf paid
nourathar paid
maxmalkav paid
snoopy paid
7bit paid

Total number ordered: 149
Payments received: 57/59

Some projects that require a Teensy:

Soarer's XT/AT/PS2/Terminal to USB Converter with NKRO

Soarer's WYSE Converter firmware

PJE's OneHand - 20% Keyboard - Teensy 2.0 only

Phantom - Teensy 2.0 only

ErgoDox - Teensy 2.0 only

Kishsaver Converter Project

Additional Teensy models available (International orders only, must purchase at least one Teensy 2.0 to add any of the following):
Teensy++ 2.0 - $24.00
Teeny 3.0 - $19.00
Teensy 3.1 - $19.80

If you are placing an international order, and would like me to proxy one of these other Teensy models for you, please state this in the comments section of the order form.
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30 Dec 2013, 08:33

I literally ordered 4 yesterday :P

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30 Dec 2013, 10:16

Interesting, I have to add some money to my Paypal account :)

Maybe an EU proxy could come to low the shipping rates.

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30 Dec 2013, 15:12

I'd be in for a few with an EU proxy. In fact I could even be that proxy if there's interest here. Small items like this aren't so bad with British postage.

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30 Dec 2013, 15:26

I'd be particularly interested if there were an EU proxy to be organised. I'm not sure if I'd need a Teensy++ for my upcoming project, is there any chance to get one of those in this group buy?

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30 Dec 2013, 15:31

A list of available Teensy models and pricing would be great! (I'm investigating a legged Teensy++ and a Teensy 3.1 in addition to my definite Teensy 2 plans.)

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30 Dec 2013, 15:45

Muirium wrote:A list of available Teensy models and pricing would be great! (I'm investigating a legged Teensy++ and a Teensy 3.1 in addition to my definite Teensy 2 plans.)
Additional Teensy models and their (retail) prices added to OP. I can proxy these for international orders, but I doubt we would reach any price break quantities for them, so I am listing the full retail price. Of course, I will still provide header pins with them for you to solder yourself, so you don't have to pay extra for the model with header pins presoldered.

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30 Dec 2013, 15:50

Interesting... Getting a Teensy++ 2.0 only saves me $3, but with an EU proxy it might soften the blow a bit more. I'll wait it out and see if we get enough interest for an EU proxy. Thanks, jdcarpe!


30 Dec 2013, 19:47

I'd be also in for 2 or 3 with an EU proxy.

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30 Dec 2013, 20:03

Me, too, just don't know if I would like to do the EU distribution for these.


31 Dec 2013, 09:14

Me too with EU proxy, 3 or 5 I will submit the form later

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01 Jan 2014, 22:06

Just stuck in an order for 4. There's probably not much need for an EU proxy for these because I can't see it working out much cheaper than the €10 to ship it direct.

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01 Jan 2014, 22:11

I could go for 2 or 3 if it can be cheaper with EU proxy

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02 Jan 2014, 12:29

Just ordered a couple of Teensy 2s, a 2++ and a 3.1. Shipping doesn't look too bad, actually.


03 Jan 2014, 20:48

I've just ordered 2 Teensy 2.0.

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04 Jan 2014, 10:59

Ordered Two too. Any deadline set for the moment ?
any update of the ordering list ?
To proxy in EU I may compare different posting prices since I'm in France and close to Belgium, I have an easy access to both post offices. I'll investigate but not sure it's interesting. Moreover I've no experience to do that resending work.

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04 Jan 2014, 11:57

shipping to France is reaaally not interesting, Belgium is way better as I expected.


05 Jan 2014, 06:30

Any chance we could get the sockets in this buy too?



05 Jan 2014, 20:28

I'm probably in for one or two.

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06 Jan 2014, 07:28

Would love to order 3x 2.0 and 1x 3.1, but mobile browser does not complete spreadsheet. Hope next week is still sufficient, will try later.

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06 Jan 2014, 15:42

Sorry for the lack of updates, I was out of town with only mobile access. OP is updated to reflect current numbers.

sean4star wrote:Any chance we could get the sockets in this buy too?

Yes, just add that to the comments section of your order, and I can order those for you when I place the PJRC order.


06 Jan 2014, 16:14

I'll take two. Is it really $10 shipping to Canada? A small bubble mailer US to Canada is usually around $3.

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06 Jan 2014, 18:12

mr_a500 wrote:I'll take two. Is it really $10 shipping to Canada? A small bubble mailer US to Canada is usually around $3.
Not since the shipping increase. I have to pay the parcel rate, not the envelope rate. And then there is my cost for mailers, labels, etc.


12 Jan 2014, 20:36

Any news on the due date for this? I'd also be interested for 2-3 with an EU proxy.

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18 Jan 2014, 02:41

Any idea about an ETA on this? I'm pretty anxious to get my hands on some of these.

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18 Jan 2014, 18:04

I'm also running dangerously low on Teensys, which is why I decided to run a second round for this. However, at current numbers, the price for each Teensy (with header pins) would increase $1.60 to $15.60. If everyone is okay with that, I can wrap this up quickly and get the order in. But I don't see this getting to 100 orders within the next few days.

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18 Jan 2014, 18:08

unfortunately with shipping and taxes to EU, the price is not that appealing. Not blaming you of course, you are doing a great job with this GB.

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18 Jan 2014, 18:13

Unfortunately it's much the same for me. While the teensies are slightly cheaper through this GB, the shipping is actually more expensive than directly from pjrc for my 4 units, and the pin headers are incredibly cheap on Irish eBay. While I don't want to be impatient and would really like to help everyone else out who's participating in the GB, I think that if the price was increased then it's actually about the same price or slightly more expensive than getting them directly and that doesn't really make sense.

But like matt3o said, I don't think it's due to any lack of effort on your part and I do appreciate your organising this GB.

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18 Jan 2014, 18:21

I understand. I wish I had the cash to simply purchase 100 units outright and sell them at my cost to you guys. But unfortunately, I don't. I will probably just cancel this and order the 10 Teensys I need for myself.

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22 Jan 2014, 17:21

OP updated to reflect current numbers.

We are halfway there! Everyone double their order, and we can proceed right away!!


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