Best Keycap or Keycaps Set

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26 Nov 2018, 23:30

chuckdee wrote: But GMK Laser is MiTo... any reason it's not listed? :) Or is it only one per designer?
my mistake


28 Nov 2018, 22:23

kbdfr wrote: Cherry original doubleshots, the most sincere and least pretentious keycaps ever.
They show solid, perfect readable and well-aligned legends.
Their cylindrical top with the sharp edges and their sculptured design are just perfect for professional typists.

Their moulds are so perfect that after decades, they are still used
for all those bizarrely coloured keycap sets which all lose their appeal as soon as a new one appears.

But above all, they do not try to conceal that like you, they get old.
The more you use them, the more they shine.
They slowly yellow as your hair turns grey.
They are your perfect and eternal companion, not a short-lived affair :mrgreen:
these beautiful caps are partly why i pretty much only buy cherry stuff now. They are extremely common, and some of the best caps you can get. cant say the same about common alps sets :?

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