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Posted: 17 Dec 2015, 08:48
by derzemel
I think this guy created multiple accounts for this crap.

At least he could have posted some serious boots:


Posted: 17 Dec 2015, 09:05
by Muirium
I just deleted this wanker's several accounts and all his spam. The IP is in South Korea for a change. He's not our usual Pakistani spammer. Way too prolific.

Posted: 17 Dec 2015, 09:13
by 002
Just deleted another one. Aussie IP this time...*sigh*
By the way guys, just flag these posts -- don't reply to them. That way when we ban their e-mail and delete their account, all their threads disappear in one fell swoop :)

Posted: 17 Dec 2015, 09:16
by Muirium
I've suspected something like this might happen for a while. Spammers are getting paid by someone, so eventually they're going to up their game. Could be we'll need to get more agressive about what new accounts can do. Which would suck. My own first post on DT was a new thread I made because I hadn't spotted the Keyboard Oracle yet. It was a pretty good thread…

Posted: 17 Dec 2015, 09:18
by 002
4chan has a captcha method where you just tick a box to prove you're not a robot. I don't know how it works but I recall reading something about it looking for natural mouse movements and such -- seems to work well.

Posted: 17 Dec 2015, 09:21
by Muirium
I don't think we're up against a bot. Just poor humans. Bots would bury us mods with multiple new accounts per second. This guy was child's play to erase. Thanks to try user tagged spam posts. Thanks for that work guys!

Posted: 17 Dec 2015, 09:26
by 002
Muirium wrote: Thanks to try user tagged spam posts.

Tagging them is good because they appear in red in the spy. Replying is bad because then deleting the account + posts leaves the thread behind :(

Posted: 17 Dec 2015, 09:41
by Muirium
Sorry. Thumb typing. And thumb modding! My new iPhone is big enough to be useable on the admin interface. But autocorrect is autocorrect!

You got exactly what I was saying, anyway. I hate deleting stuff and ruining thread readability. Usually I'll ban our Pakistan fella's latest account and spam it up. But tonight's outbreak was bad enough to just hit delete user on each responsible burner account.

So yes: everyone! Flag spam instead of replying to it. The demongolator will be left the burden of cleaning up your stranded retorts to /rev/null. And he's a lazy bugger.