Keycap making in the EU - Tips from Poland


23 Mar 2017, 23:36

I moved to Poland a while ago and wanted to make my own keycaps - things needed for this are a little harder to come by in the EU especially in Poland as I found out first hand. I create a work log pointing out where to find things, what to buy etc.


Maybe someone will find it useful in case you want to do the same! :)
And don't hesitate to ask me anything you might want to know!

Little side note here - in case you use Telegram there is @MechBoards which is full of Europeans alongside @MechMarket for a live feed of all sales posts, group buys, interest checks, artisan and vendor news from DT, GH, Reddit, and Massdrop - it also includes @clickclackbot with which you can set up notifications to alert you of specific keywords you can set up yourself via PM - like /set [EU- fugu or /set by:eat_the_food or /set [GB] or /set nantucket. Obviously there is also @Deskthority which has it's own live forum feed in @DTSpy and offtopic discussions in @Offtopicthority.

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02 Jun 2017, 15:18

Thank you, will stay tuned.

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