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Daniel Beardsmore

21 Dec 2017, 09:58

Most KCC terminology is simple enough to machine-translate:

However, I can't get a clear translation of 인증을받은자의상호 / 인증받은자의상호.

For example, "cross-party certified" seems to be incorrect: "cross-party" refers to political parties, and the parties here are generally branches of the same organisation. For example, the Logitech keyboard is "cross-party" certified from Logitech to itself, and the Primax keyboard is "cross-party" certified to what is suggested to be a parent company. With the NMB keyboard, the two parties are NMB itself, and Shanghai Shunding, who were a subsidiary of NMB who made keyboards.


23 Dec 2017, 17:24

인증을받은자의상호 / 인증받은자의상호.
They both have same meaning, '을' in the first one is just omissible object particle(Grammar! :evil: ).

It means applicant who acquired certification.
I also found a KCC certification agency's form that translates it into "applicant".

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