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01 May 2021, 23:39

Hello i have a project for what i want to use data from this wiki, i would like to know if it's ok with the term of this wiki since i haven't found any info about copyright.

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09 May 2021, 19:25

I believe it really depends on what the project is and how the information would be used. Like if you are writing a paper for a school project on keyboards and use some information from the wiki and cite the source, that should be totally fine, while on the other hand, if you want to assemble a book using information from the wiki and sell it for profit, without citing or anything and without sharing the profit, then it probably won't be ok.


09 May 2021, 19:51

The text, as it is written, belongs to Deskthority. The information in the text is free for all of course.
I assume that the usual rules for citing apply, as if you had cited a book or a scientific article.

Then there are images and uploaded documents.
Many images carry a "Licensing" field, which tells whether it is free or not free, and how. I upload my images with "For use at Deskthority with individual's permission" which means that they may not be copied and published elsewhere, but others have uploaded with other licenses such as "Public Domain" or "Creative Commons Share-Alike".


12 May 2021, 13:27

If you could explain a little more about how you want to leverage the data, that'd be great.

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