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29 Mar 2016, 17:38

How do you guys figure out a link to an individual post? It happens relatively often to me that I want to link a specific post in a thread. I know that the 'Spy' page does this, but if it's an older post, the way I do it is to find out the post number (by looking at the 'Report this post' link), then go to 'Spy' and find out what the API format is (because I never remember this), and then manually construct a link.

Surely there's an easier way?

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29 Mar 2016, 17:40

The little page-symbol next to the time stamp on the left is what you're looking for

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29 Mar 2016, 17:42

Ah man, thanks! I though that I've tried all the little icons around the post but I surely missed that one. Nice!

EDIT: I was expecting it to be in the little array in the lower right corner...


02 Apr 2016, 04:43

Wow. I only just learned this myself!

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Gotta start somewhere

02 Apr 2016, 05:42

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