Please welcome your new kingpin: matt3o

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Wild Duck

15 Dec 2018, 21:25

Hi everybody,

After 8 years of running deskthority, I've decided to retire in that role and hand over the reins to matt3o, who volunteered to help out and take over. My role from now on is as some sort of benevolent owner in a more relaxed position - I'll make sure the bills get paid, I'll sometimes be helping out matt3o, and possibly even contributing to the wiki more. I won't be disappearing. But matt3o from now on will be effectively running deskthority and making all the decisions and calling the shots.

There's no particularly dramatic reason for my retirement in this, I just did it for a long time and am way beyond my arc to deliver the new ideas and inspiration that deskthority deserves. In other words it is the right time to retire, and hand it over to someone who can take deskthority into the future. I'm very pleased and feel very lucky it's matt3o. It's difficult to rate all the talented people I've met here over the years, I don't want to, but it's not difficult to say matt3o is one of the most all-round talented ones. He has the keyboard and technical know-how, he knows the scene, he has the ideas, he can run the software, he can run the hardware, etc.

It has been quite a ride! Please welcome your new kingpin!


15 Dec 2018, 21:29

The King is Dead^H^H^H^Hretired, Long live the King!

(In all seriousness, I get it - good on you for recognizing it before you became old and bitter like most people who leave it too long and burn out).

I for one welcome our new overl0rd.

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15 Dec 2018, 21:44


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15 Dec 2018, 21:58

Well, hopefully things go well into the future. All I can say.

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emacs -nw

15 Dec 2018, 22:27

Thank you both for keeping this forum great.

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15 Dec 2018, 23:16

Thanks Webwit for all your hard work, and good luck to matt3o as the new admin! :D Looking forward to seeing what the future will bring!

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15 Dec 2018, 23:24

Thanks for the best keyboard forum on the net. There's nowhere else a vintage-loving scragg like me would feel so much at home. And I know matt3o understands the soul of this place. Here's to the future.

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15 Dec 2018, 23:36

Thanks, webwit!

Good luck, matt3o!

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Vintage computer guy

15 Dec 2018, 23:53

Thanks to both of you for your contribution to the community both outgoing and incoming. It is always appreciated, especially when it is done for enjoyment and not reward.

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16 Dec 2018, 00:50

Congrats matt3o!


16 Dec 2018, 01:19

Congratulations matt3o and enjoy your semi retirement webwit


16 Dec 2018, 03:29

Anatidaephobics rejoice ;-) <3

(tongue in beak obviously)

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16 Dec 2018, 09:34


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16 Dec 2018, 11:04

I still hope webwit will be still around and possibly me taking some of the burden will re-energize his passion. In the meantime I need to

- update the server
- update the forum
- update the wiki

Those are the priorities and I'm working on them right now.

Please keep posting your suggestions here deskthority-f17/future-of-dt-t20348.html

And now...

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sudo rm -rf /
/me tiptoes away

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16 Dec 2018, 11:43

congrats to matt3o, can't wait to see what the future brings to Deskthority :)

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16 Dec 2018, 16:52

Hail to matt3o!

Thank you very much webwit for everything you've done so far.


16 Dec 2018, 17:30

Code: Select all

echo 'export EDITOR=rm' >> /etc/profile.d/

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16 Dec 2018, 17:58


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16 Dec 2018, 18:12

Thanks webwit for the incredible and tireless work you’ve put into Deskthority; and of course as your final act as Supreme Ruler, you have found a worthy and universally respected successor in matt3o.

All glory to matt3o, long may he reign.

Spoiler below is not for webwit. Seriously webwit, don’t click, it’s secrets!
Who’s up for having a community collection for a (beamspring-shaped?) retirement gift for webwit?

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16 Dec 2018, 18:58

Thank you for bringing Deskthority into the world, webwit! You have been much appreciated.

Congrats to matt3o! I'm sure Deskthority will flourish under his leadership.

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16 Dec 2018, 19:46

Thank you webwit & matt3o.

From all forums I lurk on (Deskthority,Geekhack, Keebtalk, Reddit) this one is the first and closest to my soul, I've learned a lot, met a lot of nice people and even friended them virtually and some in real life :)

I hope the spirit of this forum keeps living and goes further, and hope someday I'll meet live some of the bigshots & people I see often posting@ here.

Good luck you guys !


16 Dec 2018, 20:23

Hello new boss! :)

Goodbye old duck overlord :(
Hopefully my Duck coupon code from the Wild Duck Sale will still be valid :duck:

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16 Dec 2018, 21:32

So... you’re saying there was a switch in a key leadership role and there’s a new chairman of the board?

(I’m showing myself out.)

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16 Dec 2018, 21:54

Congrats to both Webwit and matt3o! Hopefully Deskthority will prosper even further with matt3o as its steward :-)

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16 Dec 2018, 22:15

congrats matt3o! @webwit don't let those ducks fly away, we still need you ;)

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16 Dec 2018, 22:17

Respecting and appreciating the sites past, while looking forward to it's future.

Simultaneous Lovin Baby!

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16 Dec 2018, 23:37

Wow! It must be a very relieving post by Webwit - and thank so much for these years of service!

Now Matt3o!
Long live the new king! :ugeek:


17 Dec 2018, 00:15

Many thanks Webwit for all you've done! My observation has been that many of the highest profile user usually have to tone it down after a while, and hopefully you've got something great to do with the freed up time! No one deserves it more!

Congrats Matt3o!

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17 Dec 2018, 00:50

Thanks, webwit, for your years of excellent and diligent service to DT and this community.

And thanks, matt30, for agreeing to take over the leadership of DT. It is good to know that we will continue to be in such good hands.


17 Dec 2018, 22:20

All hail the new king.

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