For sale! Deskthority is looking for a new owner

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Wild Duck

24 Feb 2021, 11:37

Hi all. Deskthority was founded in Januari 2011, so it's been 10 years I've been pulling this baby. The last couple of years have been much easier, since Matt3o became the main administrator. Still, I'm finding myself no longer putting in the desired effort I'd expect from an owner, it's just the natural way of things just like many of you have experienced with the keyboard hobby itself where the curve of engagement goes up and then down.

So I've decided to look for a new owner, to do a better job, and matt3o is also helping, and for his efforts will get part of the proceeds. The good news is, we're really looking for a good new owner, and are not desperate to sell to less respected parties because we quickly need money or something like that. If no good new owner is found or if no reasonably price close to market value is offered, probably nothing will happen. I will not rule from the grave, but I expect the new owner(s) to be a good custodian of the forum, and similarly of the open source wiki. There's a lot of content in both which has been provided for enthousiasts by volunteers, and I expect the new owner(s) to understand this geek culture and respect that and not mess that up.

If you're interested please PM me and matt3o with your questions or offers!

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24 Feb 2021, 11:45

WOAH. Thanks for your continued efforts, both.

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24 Feb 2021, 11:46

It's the end of an era. I wish you Godspeed in passing the server down to the "right" person. :)

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ISO Advocate

24 Feb 2021, 12:01

Thanks very much for all the years you've kept this up and running!

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24 Feb 2021, 12:42

Dayum! Well, I guess it was gonna happen at some point. Thanks so much for keeping DT going all this time, guys! :D

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24 Feb 2021, 13:25

WHHHAAAT?! I didn't know anything about it! Damn! I QUIT!


24 Feb 2021, 15:08


Good luck. Thanks for all the work you've done.

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24 Feb 2021, 15:23

End of an era indeed... Thanks a lot for all the effort you've put in Webwit!


24 Feb 2021, 15:51

Thank you both for keeping DT up all this time !!!


24 Feb 2021, 15:52

Enjoy your keyboard retirement!


24 Feb 2021, 16:09

Thank you both. Hope we can find a good new owner!

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24 Feb 2021, 16:41

Damn! That's sad to hear, although I can understand your decision.

Thanks to both of you for all the work you've done!

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[ XMIT ]

24 Feb 2021, 17:24

I nominate Muirium, since he's recently come back from the dead.

I'll send a DM to inquire about some details out of curiosity but I'm already stretched thin.


24 Feb 2021, 17:29

I hope this works out well.
Unfortunately, I'm not made of money.

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24 Feb 2021, 17:58

just to be clear... I'm not going anywhere. The site is safe and sound and doesn't need a new admin at the moment

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24 Feb 2021, 18:07

Thanks for everything, webwit. Without your efforts, I may never have discovered this passion!

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24 Feb 2021, 18:21

Thanks for making this awesome site & all the work you've put into it webwit! It's been an invaluable resource for me through my years in the hobby & I give you a ton of respect for wanting to keep it that way with whoever buys the site! GL with the sale & I hope to still see you around here in the future!

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24 Feb 2021, 18:44

Thank you for all the great work over the last 10 years! Good luck with the sale and I hope for the same great success for the new owners.


24 Feb 2021, 19:02

Ten whole years, thanks so much for keeping this wonderful place up and running, fingers crossed we find as equally good of a replacement.


24 Feb 2021, 19:18

WOW! I didn't expect this today, but to who the new owners to be, I hope they don't run it into the ground and only work on making this a better place to be online. This wiki is literally most of the reason I have been in this hobby, and I hope to add some more things to it, time to start Dt's new chapter.

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24 Feb 2021, 19:57

Webwit, you brought this site to us.
Thank you.
May it continue!

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Wild Duck

24 Feb 2021, 20:09

P.S. It's entirely up to matt3o (and the new owner) if and in what capacity he will remain in the team running the site. He's been an invaluable admin, and has been "the team" mostly by himself! For myself, I have no plans of disappearing. Actually this might give me more time for trolling Alps fanboys.


24 Feb 2021, 20:18

I just joined like 2 weeks ago! Best of luck with your future endeavors!

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24 Feb 2021, 21:45

Ditto to what everyone else says, thanks for all that you've done! Good luck with your endeavours!


24 Feb 2021, 22:24

Isn't DT a non profit kinda thing? I don't see any ads or anything else that generates a revenue.
I feel like if someone is going to spend money buying it he will want deskthority to become a lucrative endeavour in return. Big changes ahead I suppose :(

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24 Feb 2021, 22:32

Sad to hear that, but might also open opportunity to good new things to come.

Just out of curiosity, what's the ballpark worth of such a site? Hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands?

Matt3o really did an amazing job here. It's easily the best forum I've ever seen.

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24 Feb 2021, 22:40

I bid 50 Drachma!

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Gotta start somewhere

24 Feb 2021, 22:40

Thanks so much webwit, for making this site which in my eyes will always be the pinnacle of keyboard enlightenment. Hope you have a great retirement :)

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Wild Duck

24 Feb 2021, 23:11

adhoc wrote:
24 Feb 2021, 22:32
Just out of curiosity, what's the ballpark worth of such a site? Hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands?
ddrfraser1 wrote:
24 Feb 2021, 22:40

I bid 50 Drachma bitcoin!

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24 Feb 2021, 23:20

Glad that I was able to contribute to this community and hope that it continues well into the future.

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