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Posted: 19 Jan 2014, 19:12
by Soarer
Has anyone heard from fossala at all since June? I emailed his paypal address a few days ago, but no reply.

He still owes me (and presumably others) IBM/Alps boards from the second round of him proxying them.

Not sure whether to be worried about him, or just annoyed that he wandered off!

Posted: 19 Jan 2014, 19:39
by 7bit
His wife has commanded him not to visit any keyboard related forums and not to have contact with keyboard collectors.
:evil: <----fossala's wife / fossala ----> :cry:

Posted: 19 Jan 2014, 19:56
by Soarer
Really? :shock:

So did she throw out the IBM boards while he sleeps on the sofa? :roll:
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Posted: 19 Jan 2014, 20:59
by Soarer
7bit, did you get your boards from that round?

Posted: 19 Jan 2014, 21:10
by 7bit
Yes, I did. It was one big package and some boards got cracked shelles (industrial Model M with trackpoint, an early 122 key Model M and a new Cherry keyboard has broken key caps).

I'm not sure now how many these are, but if you really need one, I can send one at shipping costs. They don't sell well anyway.

Posted: 20 Jan 2014, 01:39
by Soarer
I might well take you up on that, thanks! :D Even if he ever does get back to me, I doubt he'll have good news. Sent him a PM on reddit also.

They're still only $25, apparently. What costs on these is mostly shipping and taxes :roll:

Posted: 21 Jan 2014, 14:12
by Soarer
Good news! Made contact and sorting out the shipping now :D

Posted: 03 Feb 2014, 13:05
by Icarium
Soarer wrote:Good news! Made contact and sorting out the shipping now :D
While you're at it ask him about mine! :)
Or did that end up with 7bit?

Posted: 03 Feb 2014, 23:35
by Soarer
He did mention that he'd found a couple with your name on when he dug mine out, and asked if you were stilll around. :)