Zobeid Zuma

27 Jul 2021, 05:32

I just recently discovered VIA, and I'm loving it. This is a huge leap forward, and now I want all my keyboards to be VIA compatible.

I flashed several KBDfans DZ60s and got them working with VIA, no problem.

I flashed a Clueboard, no problem.

Then I turned to my favorite of all keyboards that I have built, my KBDfans KBD67 Revision 1, or "Splitfox" as I have nicknamed it. (It has the same key layout as a Whitefox, except with split spacebar.) I fumbled around with flashing it, because the KBD67 has so many different versions and revisions, and I wasn't certain which firmware I needed. At one point I mistakenly flashed it with Revision 2 firmware, which locked everything up, and I had to disassemble my keyboard to reach the physical reset button. But, I finally got what seems to be the right firmware on it. It works as a keyboard, at any rate, and even my old configuration somehow survived all those re-flashes. When I run VIA, though. . . It seems to recognize that a compatible keyboard is connected, but then it brings up a blank, empty window. That's it. There's nothing, and the only thing I can do is quit the program.

Any suggestions?

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