help with IDing this switch


27 Jul 2021, 20:27

Hi Everyone, I picked this up from my local Computer recycler for next to nothing. Sadly they had already disassembled it so I'm not exactly sure what it came out of. It seems to be from some sort of Circuit debugger from a company named Zax. The other PCB from the system had a Zilog Z-80 on it and maybe 32k of ram. That board was damaged so I didn't snag it.

What I can see and/or Tell about the switches:
Unbranded with the only marking be an 'A' and a number ranging from 2-8.
Short Travel. 0.75-1mm travel Estimated
Don't feel squishy at all and are actually quit smooth

That's all I know. Some help would be greatly appreciated! I'm tempted to turn it into a 60% because the matrix is really easy to figure out.

Thanks in advance!
IMG_20210727_131904685_HDR.jpg (3.29 MiB) Viewed 239 times
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27 Jul 2021, 21:11

1. Lots of hits for "Textool."
2. No clue on the switch. You might want to just unsolder a switch and see what it says on the bottom housing.

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