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31 Jul 2011, 06:59

Anyone seen this one before? I've not been able to find any reviews, and it's not on Comfort Keyboard's website. It was first available on Amazon on July 14, 2011, so maybe it's new. It's the only separated keyboard besides the ErgoFlex/ErgoMagic i've found that has a cord long enough for chair mounting, and i like that it's tenkeyless. It also costs less. Any thoughts?

Here are the sites i've found it on:
http://www.specialneedscomputers.ca/ind ... ail&p=1487
http://www.amazon.com/Comfort-Keyboard- ... B005CRGMYO

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31 Jul 2011, 07:53

Wow, fentek-ind says the switches only requires 20 grams of force. I have the original Comfort Keyboard System in the extra-soft-touch variation (which activates at 35g) and it's already very light. By the way these keyboard components connect with a regular 6-wire telephone cable (RJ11 6P6C) so you can separate the halves easily with a cheap longer cable, regardless of model.

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Wild Duck

31 Jul 2011, 12:04

I doubt it is any good for that price. It is desirable to have a good, low price ergo keyboard, but not realistic. It seems to be aimed at people who want an ergonomic keyboard but don't want to pay for a real one. A real one would have R&D and quality switches, and together with a split, unique case design you can't bring that to market for $100 except if the product was made for low price instead of for best ergonomics. It is probably some stock switch for industrial appliances such as a control board. So what happens if you mount these on a keyboard and type for hours? I wouldn't be surprised if your fingers start hurting.


31 Jul 2011, 17:02

I wonder ... I think the keys look like those that are on rollable waterproof silicone keyboards. I really hope that I am wrong.

The staggering is non-standard! The right side has uniform offset between alphabetic rows while the left side has standard QWERTY staggering there. The numeric row on both sides is also different.

I am not a fan of the placement of the cursor keys. My netbook also has a key in-between / and Right Shift, and I press that too often. This also means that the (right) Alt Gr key gets pushed far to the left. The Page Up/Page Down keys are also positions to the left of ~ and Esc!


31 Jul 2011, 18:31

Looks as if price really is important. Plenty of room for another 6 key...

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Input Nirvana

09 Aug 2011, 08:18

It's nice to see a another split keyboard. It seems to be a somewhat copy of the Kinesis Freestyle with the adjustable mounting. Too bad it's probably a 'cheapie' but I would like to see a review. Any move in the industry towards a more ergo median is probably a good thing.

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