Extrange discovery (Unikey ISO-ES)

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09 Dec 2015, 15:09


I just found an old keyboard, it's an Unikey KB-6153 ISO-ES with some kind of fake (yellow) alps. Searching a bit, I found a wiki entry here, It says that unikey used only alps (white or blue) or omron amber swithes, but this little boy uses yellow fake? alps.

What am I handling here? is it valuable?

Some pics:

Thank you!


09 Dec 2015, 15:12

Looks like a variant of the NTC-6151. Could be real yellow alps. Its a nicely built keyboard and desirable. Yellow alps aren't the most popular switch, but its a nice find.

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09 Dec 2015, 16:03

Looks like T5s to me. If they're clicky, that's my bet.

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