Alps Gray spring swap?


02 Aug 2017, 20:14


Yesterday, I took apart one of the switches in my Matias TactilePro 2 keyboard with SKBM Gray switches. The 'A' key stopped making its click. So when I removed its clickleaf, it matched up identically to the blue clickleaf. The leaf ended up being bent forward so it couldn't snap against the housing so I bent it back and it works well now. The thing is, can I put the blue spring in the gray switch to get a cheap blue switch? Which Alps switch or clone that is readily available has the blue spring or equivalent. I don't need genuine blues but close enough, as blues are prohibitively expensive :( .


03 Aug 2017, 05:30

Many alps style parts are compatible with each other. You can usually do a swap. Why don't you try it for yourself and see?

For parts closest to SKCM blues, you'd need to go for early alps switches, so probably something like SKCL green. And maybe SKCM white if you need the click leaf.


03 Aug 2017, 13:41

I dont need the leaf, just the spring. SKCL Green has a very similar spring?

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