[EU/DE] free set of Cherry caps if you let my try an unusual keyboard

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31 Jan 2018, 11:01

I have eight (?) Cherry G81-1000HAD / G81-3000HAD in my basement I want to get rid of.

I am offering to take their caps off and send them to you - a complete set of ISO-DE layout double-shot ABS original Cherry keycaps (in varying condition). The rest of those keyboards will go to the recycler unless anyone wants other parts.

In return I ask that you send me some modded / "custom" / vintage keyboard(s) for me to try out for a set period of time. Of course, it would have to be something unusual that I don't own already / haven't tried yet. I guarantee that I will treat your stuff very carefully and to return it within the given time period. My place is clean, I don't smoke, have no pets etc. Of course, I don't expect to get anyone's favourite boards, but maybe you have some old projects lying around that you wouldn't mind sharing.

I am generally willing to cover shipping costs. For this to be affordable, I guess this offer is mostly addressed to users in countries that share a border with Germany, but it will depend on what you're willing to offer.

Can you trust me? Well, most people in my family do... Not sure about the in-laws... Oh, and I'm a civil servant if that helps to convince you. Steady and reliable as the come... :lol:

If you're not interested in Cherry caps, I may be able to offer some vintage keyboard as compensation or we could do a trade in case you don't really want the keyboard you're offering returned.

Now let's see how hare-brained this scheme really is and if anyone will actually offer me anything...

Here's a list of what I've tried and what I'm interested in (not comprehensive - feel free to suggest anything different!):

By switch type:
[*]linear: my least favourite type of switch, I especially abhor the lighter variants (red and beyond) while any mods based on MX blacks or heavier springs would still be interesting; I'd also be curious about silent blacks
[*]clicky: not the greatest of fans as I find the disadvantage of noise is rarely offset by advantages due to the audible feedback (compared to tactile switches), I find MX blues pretty horrible, blue Outemus are much nicer to type on but too loud. Anything with a somewhat less clicky or deeper sound and a great feel would be interesting (see elsewhere for what I've already tried)
[*]My favourite switch type; will try pretty much anything I haven't gotten my hands on yet

By keyboard type:
So far I've only ever tried one 'enthusiast' type keyboard - my Pok3er with Korean spring modded 'ergo' clears. All the other boards I own or have tried are regular brand stock keyboards, mostly vintage. There are two exceptions where I bought or traded vintage boards modded by others, one brown ALPS Wang and a Cherry G80-11900 with three different types of stock switches in it. I won't be able to find the time to do much modding myself in the near future. So obviously I'm looking for anything with modded switches I haven't tried (modern or vintage, see above / below), and any custom / enthusiast boards worth trying, maybe even regardless of switches.

By specific switch:
[*]ALPS: Have tried pretty much all the ususal stock variants (complicated blue, white d/ud, cream d, brown, salmon, orange; simplified white), am very interested in any modded ALPS, black simplified ALPS and any ultra-rare ones (like amber), even though I doubt anyone will part with those lightly.
[*]ALPS clones: Have Matias quiet and tactile and find both 'meh'. Have also had some ALPS clones but didn't really like any of them - so if you have any good ones...
[*]Cherry: Again, have tried the more common stock ones (red, black, blue, clear, brown), would be interested in greens / whites / greys / ..., modified blacks, other ergo clear variants etc, if you think you've done some lubing that's made a great difference, I'd also be game.
[*]Cherry clones: Outemu blue and purple, Gateron black and red, Zealio 67g, Kailh brown and yellow, Kailh box brown and black, Kailh speed sucked IMO
[*]SMK: Have tried blue clicky Montereys and orange tactile. The latter are really great so would be keen on other SMK tactiles - or really anything else SMK
[*]buckling spring: Have tried stock Model F, stock Model M and Unicomp; not the greatest fan of either; would love to try ALPS BS
[*]other "spring" type switches: Have clicky Fujitsu leaf springs, would love to try plate spring, gourd spring, other (Fujitsu) leaf spring boards
[*]Topre: have 45g, varying force and 55g (too heavy for me), would be interested in trying anything rare, of course
[*]other mechanical switch types I've tried in stock variety (probably more than I can remember to list here): Cherry ML, laser gaming switch, Futaba clicky, Taiwan black stem, Mitsumi miniature tactile white / yellow / green (would love to try any other type of Mit.min.), Fujitsu Peerless, KPT blue, NEC blue oval
[*]not really interested in anything non-mechanical unless you want to convince me it's the bee's knees.
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31 Jan 2018, 12:12

What have you not tried ? / What are you interested in ?


31 Jan 2018, 12:28

I have an OKI HMB board with OKI gourd spring, dye-sublimated keycaps with Cyrillic sublegends. Cleaned and lubed. Shoot me a PM if you are interested.

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31 Jan 2018, 13:07

Updated OP with list of what I've tried and may want to try. Please do make other suggestions, though!

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ALPS キーボード

02 Feb 2018, 15:02

I have a board with Cherry MX Orange, but it's way too big to ship across the ocean (unless you are willing to pay for shipping on a huge board...). Also have a board with NEC White Ovals... Have some others with more common switches, namely Blue/Green/Yellow Alps. Gateron Clears as well. Can't think of what else I still have.

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03 Feb 2018, 15:11

I have a SIIG Minitouch with modded Orange Alps - replaced the coil and leaf springs with Matias Quiet Click ones and as a result they're more or less as tactile as Amber Alps. I live in Norway, but since it's under 2kg it won't cost a small fortune to send.

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