Choices for Mechanical RGB Keyboard with Blue Switches


Choices for Mechanical RGB Keyboard with Blue Switches

Unread post by Crusher21 » 23 Apr 2018, 07:13

So I recently purchased the MX Brown K70 RGB and I love it but it's not clicky like I wanted (for some reason I thought the brown switches would be clicky before I bought it). Now I'm looking for an RGB keyboard that has blue switches for under $80 or so. I've read that Cherry MX Blue Switches are in short supply so it's hard to find an RGB mechanical keyboard with them in it. I also read that Outemu Blue Switches are a great alternative for the Cherry Blue's. I found the Aukey RGB Mechanical Keyboard (KM-G3) and have read a lot of the reviews on it and it seems like a rather good choice for the price range. However, a few have noted that the keys themselves feel cheap. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on what to buy or if my best bet is to stick with the Aukey. Feel free to leave any comments.
Thank you!

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ALPS キーボード

Unread post by Blaise170 » 23 Apr 2018, 15:59

I'll be listing my Keycool Hero 104 soon, Blue switches, RGB, etc. This picture is from a couple of years ago and has different keycaps, but otherwise still the same.



Re: Choices for Mechanical RGB Keyboard with Blue Switches

Unread post by savantstrike » 23 Apr 2018, 19:25

You might want to check out redragon keyboards. If they have something similar to the K556 Vara with outemu blues instead of brown, it would be a solid under $60 keyboard with the lights and things the kids are in to these days.

My K556 is really nice for the price. Aluminum body and top plate mean no flex. I used it as a donor board to install outuemu ice purple 68G switches since it was 55 bucks and just a bare PCB would cost me $40 shipped. It came with one bad switch and a bagie of 5 spares so it would've worked fine out of the box.


Unread post by Crusher21 » 24 Apr 2018, 00:44

Oh yeah I also took a look at those too. They're all so similar that I'm sure I can't go wrong but I just wanted to see what other people who have been around the block more than I have would recommend. I also like this one but I've heard the lighting isn't nearly as customizable and the manufacturer is located in China so contacting them for help would be a pain: ... 2Brgb&th=1

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