Cherry Brown or Blue TKL, wireless?


18 Aug 2018, 23:32

Hi guys, I have just gotten into mechanical keyboards. I really like my Corsair K63 with its Cherry Red switches, but I thought I would try something with tactile feedback. I think I can use that for my text editor, and I want to have the experience. I'm looking for a wireless keyboard, since a cable is pretty cumbersome. Tenkeyless. Can someone recommend a reasonably priced wireless keyboard? If not, could you please recommend a good wired keyboard? It would be nice to have a backlight which you can turn off, but other than that, I don't need any extras.

I've seen mentions of a USB to Bluetooth converter for keyboards, does this sort of thing work well with a mechanical keyboard that wasn't meant to be wireless?

If you can recommend tactile switches other than Brown or Blue, I'd love to try them out, too. Thanks!

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