LED for switches

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25 Dec 2018, 17:29


Is there various LED lamp sizes for switches (Cherry, Outemu, Razer...)
or manufacturers usually use standard size LED lamp ?? And what size/model is that?

Anyone knows more information regarding this topic please ??

I have one LED on my keyboard behaving strange,
and It is probably going to die soon :roll:


25 Dec 2018, 19:45

I'm not at the house so I can't double-check - but from memory they're 3mm LEDs

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25 Dec 2018, 19:58

I think they are 1.8mm most of the time (but 3mm works as well afaik).

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27 Dec 2018, 01:18


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27 Dec 2018, 17:54

You should try to find out the exact or compatible LED type for the replacement.

Although you will find a ton of led with compatible bulb shape and almost the same colour there will be problems with brightness. LEDs differ quite a bit in the amount of light they emit at the same current. LEDs with the same colour have about the same forward voltage typically. But not always. If you are unlucky and select a LED with big forward voltage difference and the keyboard does not use a current based led driver then you will have even more brightness differences or (if unlucky) you can damage the LED or (if extremely unlucky) even the LED driving circuit.

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