"60 % + Numpad" keyboards


26 Dec 2018, 11:47

My fellow deskthorians,

since my successful purchase of an IBM Model F XT and the superior possibility to have the opportunity to manage the keyboard layout I have asked myself what else I like about this keyboard besides the switch mechanism. I came to the conclusion, that the XT is a sort of "60 % + numpad" thing. I do not really need the F-cluster, but dedicated arrow and navigation keys (home, end, page up and page down). TKL is a sort of wasting space. So if I ever need a numpad put those extra keys in the layout and I end up with "60 % + Numpad" like XT and Cherry 1800 does. The option of programmability gives me the opportunity to arrange my nav-cluster like I want.

Please give me some alternatives of existing keyboards, with such a physical layout. There is the UK 78, which I cannot buy any longer, am I right? The Vortex Vibe is also an candidate but not with the same bottom row like UK 78, which I prefer. Do you have some more suggestions? Many thanks in advance.

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