WEY Tec Mk06 connector box=>keyboard cable identified


05 Jan 2019, 18:12

A month ago, I've purchased a WEY Tec Mk06 keyboard along with its connector box (Model 4) and its power supply. During my purchase, the seller told me that the cable connecting the keyboard to its connector box was proprietary and very rare (he didn't have one). Upon receiving the keyboard a week ago, five minutes of intensively staring at the connector box revealed that it was in fact a Mini Centronics 36 pin female port, accepting of course a Mini Centronics 36 pin male cable... or a IEEE 1284 Type C, if you're a man of standards.

I've ordered a male-to-male IEEE 1284 Type C cable from here:
http://www.l-com.com/d-sub-ieee-1284-mo ... ch-36m-30m

Upon connecting the keyboard to the connector box, it booted up successfully! I was so happy to know I found the right cable and that the keyboard was functional.

If you were searching for that cable, there you go. I'll post pictures as soon as I have more time. :D

edit: connector box ports differ greatly from model to model. I'm specifically talking about the Model 4 (IV) connector box, which accepts a male port for keyboard communications.


05 Jan 2019, 18:51

Can't you connect directly the MK06 to your computer? e.g. PS2 or so. Or it must connect to any computer via these connector box?


05 Jan 2019, 19:12

There are no PS2 keyboard ports on the device itself and using a IEEE 1284 to USB cable doesn't yield any results (IEEE 1284 to PS2 does not exist as far as I know).

The device is marketed as being able to control up to 8-16 computers at once, so it's obvious the keyboard doesn't use a standard interface to do that.

Currently, using the connector box is necessary but I might further reverse engineer the keyboard in the future and figure a way to bypass the connector box.


05 Jan 2019, 19:57

I really like the keyboard.

But apart from having too many already in little storage space, this keyboard has to use those connector boxes, plus, there is the lack of the cable you're looking for to connect the keyboard to such connector boxes. Well, it's a low priority wish for me therefore. It looks real cool and I don't think there will be product like that in the future.

What's wrong with our industrial designers.

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